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Diana Currier's picture


I have pinterest, but no interest, LOL I have a few more and that's it for me, facebook was getting too controlling I think. I went to delete pictures from my facebook once and it wouldn't let me.... so I got rid of it all. Nice pictures and story you sent.

Diana Currier's picture


why facebook??

Steve  Dosh's picture

By Diana Currier, verified user — Mon, 10/29/2012 - 12:29

Diana ,
¿ Why ask why ?
Would you prefer Lubetube® Myface® or Pinterest ?
Aloha from the tsunami state :D
Dr. Dosh and ohana . ..\/ote •

Diana Currier's picture


I had my space and deleted that also.... and I'd rather face my checkbook than check my facebook, LOL It used to be the opposite.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Ms. Reaves Monday morning

Ms. Reaves Monday morning hst ?
What a great idea ! We'll be the first to post and we'll be follwong this ßlog closely . Let's hope the covered bridges - f l o a t - well this time . They didn't with Irene in VerrRrrRrmont and New Hamster
Sandy Cheeks has claimed the H M S Bounty ( again ) already . Aaargh maties ! It's deja vu all over again ref :
. ... to Davy Jones locker . .
Move to higher ground Mainers ! Immediately ( and pray for * s n o w * ) !
/s , Dr. Dosh and ohana , Hawai'i •
b t w - Our tsunami was minimal two nights ago . . Happy , safe , and - s c a r y - Halloween , kids •

Diana Currier's picture


I believe we'll make it, it is New York and New Jersey we have to Pray for. We have had a hurricane before, like in 1984 I think it was Gloria. Thanks for the wishes, hope your doing well.


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