Former Auburn bank employee arrested after crediting account with $1.7M

PORTLAND — A former TD Bank employee who investigators say credited her account with nearly $1.7 million, then, withdrew more than $14,000 made her first court appearance Thursday in U.S. District Court.

Tasha M. Hilts, 28, of Auburn is charged with bank theft.

She was arrested Wednesday by U.S. marshals.

Hilts was released Thursday on $5,000 unsecured bond.

Her next court date has not been set.

Hilts used the money to shop for furnishings for a new apartment and new clothing, according to the complaint.

Hilts was hired in January 2009 to work in its Auburn call center, the complaint said. Between Aug. 13 and Sept. 2, 2010, Hilts allegedly posted $1,670,550 of provisional credit to her TD Bank checking account and $9,505 to her TD Bank savings account.

“Provisional credit is a temporary credit which may be applied to a customer’s account in situations in which a transaction is being disputed,” the complaint said. “Upon completion of the research, a provisional credit may be removed or made permanent, depending upon the outcome of the investigation. Unless research justified their retention, provisional credits are dropped from each account at the end of each day.”

The bank calculated its loss at $14,535, according to the complaint.

If convicted, Hilts faces up to 30 years in prison and a fine of up to $1 million. She also could be ordered to pay restitution.

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Hey..."just for the record" gay guy

"Just for the record, I'm a White, Republican, Gay Man that has been in a committed relationship longer than the majority of my straight friends and relatives.
All I ask for is the opportunity for my partner to have the same legal rights to my estate as my wife would have had if I had committed to a woman.

Daniel E. Ouellette
PS: If there is anyone out there who can find fault in my beliefs, then I feel sorry for you as a human being, especially if you call yourself a Christian."

Hey, Danny,

Banksters and most people in the world would agree with you, if that's any consolation. Americans should not have "straight" households or relationships.

You see, they don't believe Americans should be allowed, permitted or encouraged to add human beings to the world community, because they ...psssst ....don't think we're smart enough, any longer, to really care for and raise children any more. There are a few other "nations", but not many, that are being encouraged to promote "gay" households, lifestyles, etc....and lesbian one's too a long-term means of "population control", reduction and, if they're lucky, elimination.

Now. Why do you suppose they would think like that and promote that here in the "states"... I wonder? Hmmmmm?

You see, it seems to be the world view that being healthy and intelligent, and not given over to base instinct, means having self-control and being committed to raising children and being, essentially, selfless as a fundamental characteristic and practice of motherhood and fatherhood, which, as in nature, is best practiced between natural parents and their offspring. Agree?

While, on the other hand, being selfish and, perhaps, even "committed" to each other and "mostly" only each other (let's be honest), seems to be a fundamental characteristic of being gay. You know what I mean, Danny? Children usually play second fiddle, so speak, and end up being mere observers, at best, of a two ring circus.

So, Danny, unfortunately, I do find fault in your so-called beliefs and, yet, I also understand your need to justify, explain or rationalize your lifestyle. Just remember, to the banksters and NWO, who look at you as a mere "commodity", they don't and won't put much stock in people or nations with such beliefs other than in terms of devaluation and elimination.

"Straights", so-called "christians" and their off-spring, on the other hand, are worth their stock. Not that their fate is much better ....with NWO economic and military slavery and all lurking just around the Mitt Romney corner.

Just a thought...

Republican for Obama

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Sounds like someone has issues.........

Look out below......

Diana Currier's picture


You beat me to it..


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