Cal Thomas: Romney presidency gives U.S. a fresh start

This election will tell us what kind of America we believe in. Is it the one our Founders bequeathed to their posterity of limited government, or is it the one re-made in the image of liberal paternalistic government?

The choice, as President Obama has said, could not be clearer. Is our country a giant ATM, dispensing money and benefits to increasing numbers of people while requiring little, if anything, of the recipients? Or, is America a land of opportunity where people can rise as far as their skills and desire to work will take them, with a safety net for those who need it?

We have become a debtor nation with too many of our fellow citizens believing the productive "owe" them just for being alive. Debt shackles individuals and nations. Benjamin Franklin said: "Think what you do when you run in debt; you give to another power over your liberty."

Government under President Obama has reduced our liberty by expanding its power over us (think Obamacare) and deepening our debt. There is no indication things will get better if he wins a second term; quite the opposite.

In its endorsement of Mitt Romney, the influential Des Moines Register got to the heart of the matter. It noted, "...the single most important challenge" for the next president will be "...pulling the economy out of the doldrums, getting more Americans back in the workforce in meaningful jobs with promising futures, and getting the federal government on a track to balance the budget in a bipartisan manner that the country demands."

Good luck on the bipartisan part unless voters give Romney a Republican Senate, but even then the archaic Senate rules require a supermajority — 60 votes — to pass anything of significance. There won't be 60 Republican senators.

Any leader must inspire, but not base that inspiration on personality alone, which President Obama has done, which is why the air has gone out of his balloon.

A nation's citizens must believe their leader's policies will work, benefitting them and the nation. That was the point of the Register endorsement. The newspaper noted Romney's experience and faith in the private sector, which it believes will spur an economic recovery.

There is nothing in President Obama's record, or in his "plan" for the next four years, which is merely a rehash of the past four, that gives confidence the economy will improve. His Middle East policy will continue to project weakness, encouraging terrorists.

Ultimately, any revival, be it spiritual or economic, must begin with individuals. No government can create virtue and produce character in its citizens. Individuals, not government, drive the economy and empower the nation. Too much centralized government stifles both.

The Register, which endorsed Obama four years ago, no longer has faith in him. In this, they appear to reflect an awakening among many 2008 Obama voters who now see him as unworthy of the false hope they foolishly placed in him.

If America is to recover, not just economically, but also as the leader of a freer world, it must have a president who applauds success and encourages more people to be successful; not one who constantly attacks "millionaires and billionaires" as if their success is keeping others from joining them. And he must be a president who says "no" to spending.

There are two major candidates on the ballot. One has a track record of failing to live up to his gargantuan promises. The other is experienced in making things work in business and in government.

Mitt Romney offers more than a fresh face. He offers a fresh start. As the Des Moines Register endorsement said, "A renewed sense of confidence will spark renewed investment by American companies. Industry will return to full production and hiring will begin again. That should come with Mitt Romney in the White House."

Cal Thomas is a syndicated columnist and author.

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Romney simply does not "inspire" anyone ...not even the Repubs

Willard was, and will always be, a door-to-door huckster, and nothing more.

He will do and say anything to get what he wants, and everyone knows it, including his unfortunate wife. ... a woman who obviously needs his attention given her health.

But, you can be sure Mitt will avoid his duty to her just as he did his duty to the United States during the Vietnam war. Paris then. Florida today. Same diff. Still a shirker.

And, please don't try to pull that "bipartisan" garbage on this reader. Romney put up a "velvet" rope outside his gubernaturial office in Mass and not even his fellow republicans could see him without an appointment, which were apparently few in the offing.

Romney, had he been in Lincoln's day, would have opposed him, especially when the then President said that we, the United States, could not exist "half free and half slave".

Romney literally declared he believes he can exist, even as president, in a United States that is "half free and half slave" (i.e. the top 1 percent vs. the bottom 47 percent). .... You gotta love this stuff.... He thinks he can say and get away with anything. You gotta love those rich kids.

Romney is no fresh start, especially with the likes of Rove and the neo-cons pulling his strings.
This article talks about people losing faith in the President, but at least Obama has some.

Faith to Romney seems to be nothing more than a means to a postponed tax dodge.

Governments protect us, because it is us.

Whenever we do anything together ... that is the government doing it together, and Mitt Romney and his ilk don't want us to remember this. They want to be the only game, job and health provider in town, and you can, as they say in Jersey, forget about it if you ain't already rich, white, male and a religious fanatic.

Look around you and you will see not a single person who will benefit from a Romney presidency other than foreign, out of state monopolists, capitalists ....etc....and you, my fellow Mainer, are nothing but grist for their "cheap labor" mill.

Vote smart,

Republican for Obama

Betty Davies's picture

Romney "makes things work" by laying Americans off

Romney profited enormously by donwsizing companies, laying off their workers, and sending jobs abroad. He's terrified to release tax returns that will document just how often he did this.

He hopes to privatize just about everything. His aim is to change America from a government by and for the people to a government by and for the benefit of corporations.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

1. Bain Capital invested in

1. Bain Capital invested in business under distress. Have you ever considered what would have happened with many of these businesses without Capital investments – perhaps not? When faced with shuttering the business, perhaps downsizing is an acceptable alternative.

2. You have absolutely no evidence to back your assertion that Romney hopes to privatize everything except your emotions. Moreover, if privatizing a service reduces cost, is that necessary a bad thing?

Betty Davies's picture

Romney built Bain Capital on

Romney built Bain Capital on a strategy of buying firms with little money down, loading them with debt, raiding their pension funds and breaking their unions and then “harvesting them” – in his words – for a profit. He invested in the companies in order to kill them and profit from it. The Washington Post reported in June that under Romney’s leadership Bain “invested in a series of firms that specialized in relocating jobs done by American workers to new facilities in low-wage countries like China and India.” Other companies in which the firm invested sent jobs to Mexico and other low-wage countries around the world.

Example: "The story of Sensata Technologies is about the hollowing out of America's economy by a rapacious 1%. On the day before an election that's supposed to hinge on jobs, taxes and the middle class, Bain Capital, the company Mitt Romney founded, will close the doors of a factory in Freeport, Illinois, and ship 170 good, high-tech jobs to China. The employees of Sensata Technologies were forced to train their Chinese replacements, and the American flag that long flew over the factory was reportedly removed while the Chinese engineers were visiting the site.: []

Privatization--State and local budget crises and the election of anti-government ideologues have left taxpayers and communities increasingly vulnerable to predatory "privatization" of government services and public infrastructure. "Desperate government is our best customer," says one finance company executive specializing in the privatization of public infrastructure. A new report from People For the American Way documents that the push to privatize public services and assets often reduces the quality of services, burdens taxpayers and threatens democratic government. A copy of the full report, "Predatory Privatization: Exploiting Financial Hardship, Enriching the One Percent, Undermining Democracy" [pdf] is available at: "The combination of budget deficits, anti-tax ideology, and financial predators can be deadly to the interests of citizens and communities," said People For the American Way President Michael Keegan. "Right-wing anti-government and anti-union ideologues are exploiting tough economic times and taking advantage of desperate public officials. The public picks up the tab but gives up control and accountability. The public good should never be on the auction block. If citizens are not vigilant, they will end up paying a terrible long-term price for deals to plug short-term budget holes." [see]

MARK GRAVEL's picture

1. Business is predicated on

1. Business is predicated on making a profit; there is nothing sinister with that concept.

2. As long as you feel entitled to jobs, you and our politicians will continue to lose jobs to other countries because you and they will continue to make the wrong policies decision.

3. Your example is not relevant to Romney since he is no longer running Bain. Nice try though.

4. Privatization – perhaps the fault needs to be put on the people and governments; People continue to demand services that the government cannot afford. Notice that the article says “often reduces..” There are many examples where cities have outsourced services that actually improved services and lowered costs. Coincidentally, those cities were heavily union controlled – go figure.

5. Your argument that the public loses control when outsourcing services is preposterous unless government officials concede control. That is, contracts are finite and renewable. Therefore, the public retains control when contracts need to be renewed.


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