Rumford man accused of raping young girl

RUMFORD — A Rumford man awaiting arraignment in November on a vandalism charge was arrested late Wednesday morning and accused of raping a young Rumford girl last month, according to Detective Capt. Daniel Garbarini.

Garbarini said Wednesday he charged Parker Erskine, 20, with gross sexual assault against a girl under the age of 14. The incident took place sometime between Aug. 10 and 25.

Erskine was arrested at the police station following an 11 a.m. interview.

Erskine posted $2,000 unsecured bail and will be arraigned on Jan. 15, 2010, in Oxford County Superior Court due to the Class A felony, which is punishable by up to 25 years in prison pending conviction.

Erskine, who was ordered to have no contact with the victim, could be arraigned sooner if and when an Oxford County grand jury meets and indicts him on the same charge, Garbarini said.

Erskine was also charged with criminal trespass stemming from an unrelated incident when police say he entered a vacant building on Pine Street with a 17-year-old Rumford boy, who was also arrested on charge of criminal trespass.

Garbarini said the girl's mother filed a complaint with Rumford police on Monday, telling them that her daughter had been sexually assaulted. The child was not injured and didn't seek medical attention, he said.

Erskine, who has no known criminal history, was an acquaintance of the child, the captain said.

"This case wasn't generated by force or compulsion," Garbarini said.

"After completing interviews with both the victim and the suspect — and believing both their stories — I was able to determine that the crime of gross sexual assault was appropriate, given the circumstances of the case."

What remains unclear, he added, was if alcohol or drugs were a factor in the incident.

He declined to provide more information.

Erskine is awaiting arraignment on Nov. 3 in Rumford District Court after having been charged by Rumford police on Sept. 23 with criminal mischief and criminal trespass. Those charges stem from a Sept. 22 incident at the former Stanley Furniture building on Franklin Street.

A brick wall was kicked in to gain entry, according to the police report.

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 's picture

People, the charge was that

People, the charge was that it was a girl UNDER the age of 14. This usually means that the girl was between 7-9 years old. Now do you think THAT was consensual??!!

 's picture

Sounds to me like it was

Sounds to me like it was consentual, but the 14 yr old got caught, prolly both of them bragging to their friends. Of course no one knows the real story. But these days, girls look much older than their real age. Shame on him for doing it with out checking her ID! Its his stupidity and her immaturity that happened. Mom found out, got mad, and called the cops. But thats my opinion. I see it all the time.

 's picture're pathetic!!'re pathetic!! How can you even make such a comment? You and dr.dosh should both go find something to do.

 's picture

Well, if a rape of a child

Well, if a rape of a child that is under the age of 14, in the 6-9 years of age bracket by a 20-year old man isn't an injury, I don't know what the hell is!! Police officers need to be more educated when it comes to the rape of children and the effects of it, both physically and emotionally.

 's picture

Erskine should be castrated,

Erskine should be castrated, at the neck. He must really be a loser if he has to seduce a 14 year old girl. The victim's mother should be at least admonished for waiting so long, but then maybe the victim didn't tell her. White Trash, the whole lot of them.

 's picture

dr. dosh...Rumford has many

dr. dosh...Rumford has many wonderful people residing there. Every town has it's share of scum, so do not single out this town as being a "horror story". I would like to know what town you're from, I'm sure they must be real proud to have you there! I too, question why this girls mom waited so long to report this incident to the police,but then maybe the girl didn't tell her right away. I also question why Erskine's pic isn't posted along with this story. I'm sure the officer has been well trained in handling rape victims and when he said she wasn't "injured" he probably meant physically. In his training, he knows the psychological scarring this girl will endure. My heart goes out to her.

 's picture

Some of you sound like

Some of you sound like Whoopi Goldberg did on the View yesterday. "It wasn't Rape Rape" As a survivor, Any Rape is Rape Rape! And a 20 year old MAN doing this to a CHILD is unforgivable! Castrate him, lock him up and bury the key under the prison! It sounds like this guy is on a fast track to no where. SEND HIM TO PRISON! $2000 bond is a slap in the face to the victim! Should have been $2 million!

 's picture

I'm questioning why it took

I'm questioning why it took the mother 1 1/2 months to report this crime...irregardless, rape is rape but he will probably get off because there will be no physical evidence.

BETTY NADEAU's picture

Hey Dr Dosh; how does a few

Hey Dr Dosh; how does a few of these offensive folks; label Rumford as something less than desirable? There are still many, many good folks there.


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