T. Ricker: Limit campaign spending

I would like to throw down the gauntlet down as a challenge to all politicians who got elected. That challenge is to present a bill and get it passed that would limit how much any candidate's campaign can spend to get that candidate elected. Limits should be set for every office, from council, governor, senator — all the way up to president.

Allow candidates to raise as much money as they can, but they would have to present their positions based on the spending limits and donate the balance to charity. That would give voters two ways to evaluate the candidates — their  ability to present their positions on current issues and the effective use of cash on a limited budget.

I am hoping that would stop the excessive junk mail, email, robot phone calls and advertising.

Along with the wasteful spending, the overload of half-truths used by most politicians to put up a smokescreen about their record or their opponents could be navigated with less confusion.

That would be a course of action that I would follow with interest. It might even encourage me to follow the first election to use such a format and then I could vote with hope for the future.

Tim Ricker, Auburn

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Amedeo Lauria's picture

Last time I looked we still were a free country...

free to spend our money any way we choose to include supporting a candidate for office. Hope it continues into the future.

McCain-Feingold is a disaster and should be repealed! If it ever made it to the Supreme Court for a challenge I am confident it would be ruled unconstitutional.

I find it a complete invasion of my privacy to have my donations listed on the Internet; it's nobodies business but mine who I support! Alas, no one seems to care.

If we had a media that covered the races in a fair, equal and inpartial manner, candidates would not have to spend so much to get their positions out to the public.

I would be more concerned about the unions who spend their members money to support only liberal candidates regardless of the voices of some of their membership. That is why I cancelled my membership!


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