Quint, Werts among four to request election recount

AUGUSTA — Candidates in four state legislative races so far have requested recounts of the vote totals in their close contests, according to the Maine secretary of state’s office.

The four recount requests received by the secretary of state’s office as of late Thursday — three in the House and one in the Senate — are likely to be followed by additional requests as candidates confirm vote totals and decide whether they want their results tallied again.

The recounts are likely to be conducted over the next few weeks.

• In Senate District 17, Democrat Colleen Quint of Minot has requested a recount. Unofficial results are not yet available from the secretary of state’s office. Results compiled by the Bangor Daily News show Quint with a 77-vote edge over her opponent, Republican incumbent Sen. Garrett Mason of Lisbon, but the Sun Journal and The Associated Press show Mason with a 33-vote advantage.

• In House District 70, Democrat R. Wayne Werts has asked for a recount. He’s trailing Republican Rep. Bruce Bickford of Auburn by four votes, according to unofficial results compiled by the BDN.

• In House District 80, Democrat Rachel Lynne Sukeforth of Litchfield is requesting a recount of the vote totals in her race against Republican Rep. Melvin Newendyke of Litchfield. The BDN’s unofficial results show Sukeforth trailing Newendyke by eight votes out of 4,900 cast.

• In House District 144, Republican Daniel Archambault of Acton has asked for a recount of the votes cast in his race against Democrat William Noon of Sanford. The BDN’s unofficial results show Archambault leading Noon by 68 votes out of 4,422 cast.

In Maine, a recount can be requested if the margin between the top two candidates is less than 1 percent of the total number of votes cast in the race.

If the margin is greater than 1 percent, a losing candidate can request a recount by filing a written request with the secretary of state within five business days after the election. The candidate must file a deposit of $500 if the margin is between 2 and 4 percent, and $1,000 if the margin is greater than 4 percent. No deposit is required if the margin is less than 2 percent.

In the House, legislative leaders have agreed to additional recounts, but the losing candidates haven’t yet formally requested them, said Jodi Quintero, a spokeswoman for the House Democrats.

Those recounts would take place in:

• House District 127 in Scarborough, where Democrat Paul Aranson trails Republican Rep. Amy Volk by 18 votes.

• House District 29 in the Pittsfield area, where Republican Robert Englehart trails Democrat Stanley Short by 15 votes.

• House District 45 in the Palermo area, where incumbent Republican R. Ryan Harmon trails Democrat Brian L. Jones by 26 votes.

• House District 54 in the Winslow area, where incumbent Republican Susan E. Morissette trails Democrat Catherine M. Nadeau by 33 votes.

• House District 94 in the Buckfield area, where Republican Timothy Turner trails incumbent Democrat Theresa M. Hayes by 35 votes.

• House District 109 in the North Yarmouth area, where Republican Susan Austin trails incumbent Democrat Anne P. Graham by 29 votes.

“While those might not all officially be filed, those are the races where the House Democrats and the House Republicans agreed we would pursue recounts if the candidate wants to pursue it,” Quintero said.

Recount results could change the final partisan tally in the House and Senate, but they’re unlikely to shift either chamber back to Republican control.

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recount them ALL

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The BDN numbers are not

The BDN numbers are not accurate. Mason's votes have been certified by the secretary of state with him at a 113 vote advantage.....


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