M. Jordan: Poor choices on bond issues

Question — what were voters thinking about when they approved all of the bonds on the election ballot? That is pure and utterly idiotic.

Maine can’t afford to pay the bills it currently has and voters approved borrowing more money.

Those who voted to approve those bonds won’t have a right to complain when their taxes go up, or when more programs are cut.

And now that Democrats control the state Senate, they are going to spend even more money the state doesn't have.

Congratulations; today's children will go even farther into debt.

Michael Jordan, Auburn

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

There is little evidence to

There is little evidence to suggest that Maine voters have ever met a bond issue they didn't like.

Michael Hobbs's picture

For those of us that actually

For those of us that actually paid attention to the election, one of the bonds did not get passed. The bond was for higher education which would have been 11+ million dollar bond.

MARK GRAVE's picture

This phenomenon was not that

This phenomenon was not that uncommon this election cycle. Perhaps we finally reached the tipping point where there are more people in the wagon than pulling the wagon. That is those who voted for the bonds are in fact exempt from having to pay for them.

This will be an interesting next four years with assaults on the taxpayer from both the state and federal governments.

Keep your loved ones close and your wallets even closer.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I might add 3 more: Keep your

I might add 3 more:
Keep your enemies even closer
Sleep with your back to a wall
Don't own anything that eats while you sleep.

MARK GRAVE's picture

Does that apply to

Does that apply to cockroaches and democrats?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The cockroach, you could

The cockroach, you could train; the democrat? You'd have to blindfold it, muzzle it and keep it on a short leash, and, definitely not keep it in the house while you slept.


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