E. Rickards: Please save Medicare

Before Medicare was enacted in 1965, most seniors had no health insurance. Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins must not vote to take away health care benefits for the children. They must not pass a voucher system for Medicare.

They can do better than that.

Ernest Rickards, Peru

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

Discouraged people make the dumbest statements.....

President Obama, isn't the bad guy here. Romney/Ryan, mostly Ryan, wanted to totally dismantle Medicare, and reshape it into a more expensive system. These two idiots had nothing in mind other than the financial aspect of Medicare. Republicans can't fathom the fact that there is more to life than money. Thats why they lost. We're talking about people here, real lives, life and death. Romney/Ryan don't, or can't see that. All they see is dollar signs. Does anyone think that either one of them will ever have to use Medicare, or Social Security? No, so why should they care about how other people need it. I'm on Medicare, and have been for a while now. I followed every political speech and articles regarding Medicare. One of the privileges of not having to go to work every day. Obama isn't going to destroy Medicare. Some changes might need to be made, but the system as it is should remain the same. I know I'm going to get "Lambasted" on this one, but, people on Medicare, get a lot more information about the system than those not on it do. I'm not worried, and trust me, I do my homework.......

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

..."mostly Ryan, wanted to

..."mostly Ryan, wanted to totally dismantle Medicare, and reshape it into a more expensive system."
What sort of "shape" do you think Medicare will be in when the $716 billion oBAMa wants to cut from it to pay for his ACA kicks in? If you're on Medicare as you claim to be, you ought to be climbing the freakin' walls over this.

 's picture

There's a convenient out.

Some changes might need to be made ...

Very true. With more than 10,000 people per day climbing on Social Security and Medicare, and with unemployment where it is, and likely to stay for years, at least one big change must be made: How to pay for it, given severely reduced taxes supposedly targeted to those programs. There's only one way, Frank. Increase taxes on the rich ... and on the middle class ... and make the poor pay at least a token amount to help defray the cost of the bennies they receive.

Yes, I'm discouraged, Frank. Very soon, you will be too.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

You don't have the whole picture...

I'm going to regret this but I'll try. First of all, the rate of employment is the least of the concerns to medicare and Social Security, the system was designed many years ago to work well into the future. It has taken a hit from the last recession, but it isn't a fatal hit. If you think that just what workers pay into the system is what runs the system, you need to go back to school. What I paid in over a thirty five year period, wouldn't pay squat. That money is used to make more money, Its like an irrefutable trust fund. I know, I created one for my daughter, if and when she ever needs it. It will be there for her. I know exactly how much I can count on if she ever needs it. What ever I do with it, it is still growing, and I'm not doing a thing. Thats how S.S. and Medicare are set up. At the current rate were using it, based on the influx of baby boomers going into the system, if no changes are made now, it would run out of revenue in about thirty years. Not next month. One other thing, you seem to think people on S.S. and Medicare are getting a free ride. I had to sell a lot of my stock over the past four years or so, I had to pay an accountant to regulate my accounts due to the requirements and regulations with SSDI. I was only allowed to earn so much per year. I also had to pay taxes on all income over a certain amount. With Medicare, I pay three hundred dollars per month. Thats right out of my check. Its not easy and not fun. I hope my daughter is never in the same boat I'm in, but if she ever is, she has a life raft. Much as my father did for me. If SSDI and Medicare ended tomorrow, it wouldn't bother me, but it would hurt a lot of friends of mine, their the reason I bitch and moan so much, and besides it's fun....

 's picture

Free ride.

It occurred to me too late that you translated my comment about the poor paying a token income tax into my saying they're getting a free ride. If that floats your boat, OK. But recall again those days of yesteryear when you and I were paying those SS and Medicare taxes. At that time the income tax had several more brackets than it does now, including one at the bottom to extract a few bucks from the very poor. Since then our invertebrate politicians have "simplified" things to remove whole groups from the tax rolls. You can call that helping the poor; it was really to buy votes.

 's picture

You're putting a lot of words in my mouth.

I know how SS and Medicare are benefits are paid - right out of the general fund, like everything else. That's where the special taxes go as well. The money you (and I) paid in years past was spent as soon as the government received it on current benefits. Whatever was left, was spent on other things.

The irrefutable investment is an IOU sitting in the famous lockbox. When it comes time to cash it in, the government simply prints new money. There is nothing at all of concrete value backing these IOUs, except the full faith and credit of the US. The credit is going down the toilet, no matter how much faith you have in it.

Where did I say folks on these programs are getting a free ride? If they paid the taxes over sufficient time, they deserve it. But they also deserve some prudent management of those programs so they might last. Instead, what they're getting is a bunch of pandering politicians, on both sides, using the programs for social tinkering and purchasing votes.

And SS and SSDI are very different, although related. I mentioned the former, you switched to the latter. I don't care how much you bitch and moan, but try to stick to the subject.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Now I know what Obama is facing....

It's just a constant up hill argument....

 's picture

It certainly is.

It's a battle going in one direction when the truth is in the opposite direction.

 's picture

Please resend your letter to ...

Barack Obama, President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

You may as well get the message to the person doing the most damage to Medicare. As an added attraction, he's also the person who is converting our children and grandchildren into indentured servants for the rest of their lives.

For faster action, call 202-456-1414. Forward!


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