J. Rich: Public must demand change

Tim Ricker of Auburn had an interesting proposal in his letter Nov. 7 to limit campaign spending. That is an important issue, worthy of interest by every citizen who cares about democracy and the election of officials — local, state and national.

The last election was noted for many things, including outside interference, especially in the Senate race. The good sense of Maine people prevented the PACs, such as Crossroads, from tampering with the election process.

When I declared earlier this year for the commissioner seat in District 2, Oxford County, I pledged to run my campaign with the least amount of money possible. That pledge included funding my own campaign and not taking donations from anyone so that I would not be in the position of owing any group or person.

I lost that race to a big spender with many road signs and assorted giveaways. What I gained was the respect of a great many people who still contact me asking how we can get rid of excess money in the election process.

My answer to that question is to demand it of elected officials, the state party system (Democrats and Republicans) and by educating ourselves about the candidates and what they stand for so that our voting is intelligent.

People can help by focusing attention on the problem and, hopefully, make the next election cycle very different from this past one.

The general public must demand change or it isn't going to happen.

Jane C. Rich, Andover

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Amedeo Lauria's picture

I always get concerned when...

a politician starts to talk about limiting campaign funding.

If you don't like the flyers, shred them. However, I read each one and check them against reliable sources and determine if they pass the common sense test. That is the responsible thing to do, not to put some artificial limit on what a candidate can spend to get their word out; especially given the liberal bias of the media.

Better yet, get out and meet the candidates, ask them tough questions and demand straight answers; then make a reasoned decision. I have met or attended a rally for every candidate I voted for, and some I didn't vote for, in this election. It was sad to sit at the polls on election day and hear people exclaim they have no idea who these people are and what they stand for. Very sad indeed.

Richard Begin's picture

too Much $$$$$

Mr gravel
I agree with your remarks

But the Real Culprit here is the Mis information from the Loser Jane Rich. Ms Rich did not do her homework. She was wrong about everything she said.

However I have been told that She did not even write this Letter to the Editor

How Mis leading is that is that?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Your argument is predicated

Your argument is predicated on that all this money influences outcomes. Is that true?

Most of the people that I’ve talked to either voted along party lines or had a clear vision of how they wanted to vote going into the election.

Perhaps you should look at all this money flowing in the election as economic stimulus.

Richard Begin's picture

Just what Change must the Public Demand

I was doing some work this morning when my Cousin from Dixfield Winston called. Winston drew attention to this Letter from Jane Rich

Now Jane was Unsuccessful in her effort to Defeat David Dugay for Oxford County Commissioner. In Jane's letter she makes refference to Assorted Giveaways.

My Cousin Winston spoke with Jane this Morning and she told Him the Giveaways were Emory Boards and Combs with Daves Name inprinted of them.Jane Implies that Dave Dugay spent a Ton of Money.

Now Jane was heard twice saying that she did not see the need for going out to campaign because in her thinking why should she be in peoples faces?

Jane let's get real. If you want to win you start early and go door to Door meeting the Voters.

Jabe Was Quoted that she did not intend to spend much Money that was Obvious

the final total Dave Dugay 5954 and Ms Rich ended up with 2708 Think about it Jane lost by a Total of 3276 votes.

Need I say any More

Dave Dugay Won because the Voters Understood that it made far greater sense to Vote for Him instead of throwing a vote away fro Jane Rich


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