Outgoing Maine GOP chair says he regrets black voter comment

AUGUSTA, Maine — Outgoing GOP Chairman Charlie Webster said Thursday he still believes there is ample evidence of voter irregularity in the Nov. 6 election, but he regrets his reference to black voters.

Bangor Daily News (file)

Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster, photographed Sunday, May 6, 2012 at the Maine Republican Convention in Augusta, Maine.

Earlier this week, Webster said during an interview with WCSH-TV that “dozens of black people” registered to vote in several small Maine towns on Election Day. Those people were unfamiliar to election clerks and others at the polls in those towns, he claimed.

He said at that time he planned to send out thousands of postcards to the addresses of those who recently registered to vote, believing that if they were fraudulent, the postcards would come back as undeliverable by the postal service, thereby providing evidence for his accusations.

But after the controversy that followed his comments, Webster said Thursday he was leaning toward not sending the postcards.

“At this point, I probably am not going to do it,” he said.

“I regret the comment when I said ‘black,’ “ Webster added. “I’m not racist.”

Secretary of State Charlie Summers was unavailable to comment on Webster’s accusations Thursday morning, but Barbara Redmond, the deputy secretary of state, said the office had not looked into them and had no plans to do so.

“Secretary Summers was shocked when he heard what was said,” she said, because were virtually no complaints or concerns had been raised by municipal clerks in the Nov. 6 election.

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You said it, Charlie; you own

You said it, Charlie; you own it.

Zack Lenhert's picture

"I'm not racist... I just say

"I'm not racist... I just say racist things"

 's picture

Knight of the Errant Vote

Poor guy. Tilting at windmills for four years. He never got to lay eyes on that elusive fraudulent vote.



What you said is the very definition of racist.



Don't let the door hit ya Bub.

Steve  Dosh's picture

. .He regrets black voter comment ?

all , 12.11.15 14:50 hst ?
Adios amigo . Good riddance
/s , Us, the winning team at the Black House • 

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Wow!! Really? The Black

Wow!! Really? The Black House?


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