M. McPherson: Rewrite the lottery laws

When I listen to Gov. LePage say the school budget needs to be cut, then say how bad the students are doing, I realize these are examples of the wrong person being elected for the job.

Does everyone remember when scratch tickets were being pushed in Maine? Backers told the public the income would benefit the schools and help relieve property taxes. Well, that didn't happen. Instead, most of the profits went into the general fund and the leftovers went to the schools.

There must be nothing left.

My math tells me that money is not being managed properly or, dare I say it, the public is being robbed.

State lottery officials need to go back to the drawing board, hire some independent accountants and rewrite the lottery laws to benefit us all. Either that, or the towns start their own lotteries and manage to fix the problems themselves.

Gov. LePage has no clue. I have met some pretty smart people in Maine, including my 17-year-old neighbor who graduated a year early with a 4.0 grade average. Perhaps the governor should look around before he speaks about how bad students are doing.

Mary McPherson, Rumford

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MARK GRAVE's picture

1. People are stupid. Anytime

1. People are stupid. Anytime new revenue goes in the general fund, it does not go to the intended use. How many times does this scenario have to play out across America before people learn? Perhaps the people are blinded by their own greed to see the forest through the trees.

2. Drawing conclusion is about a population based on observation of you neighbors is bad math. Testing score say otherwise.

3. Why is the solution to any education problem always more money? Perhaps we need to look outside our bubble to see how developing nations can produce children that out score US students as a much lower cost.


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