K. Kuck: America — what a country

Nov. 6, 2012 — what a day it was. Our president, Barack Obama, was re-elected for a second presidential term and as the leader of the free world — and the world held its breath.

Who would have thought such an event possible, in his wildest dreams, 149 years, or even 20 years, ago.

Obama's great acceptance speech was deeply moving, as was the overwhelming, genuine happiness and the emotional response of the thousands of Americans in the audience.

America has proven itself, once again, to be a truly exceptional nation — a beacon of freedom, liberty and equality for all of mankind.

America — what a country.

Klaus Kuck, Lewiston

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AL PELLETIER's picture

This also makes America great

We put up with sore losers instead of putting them in front of a firing squad.

I think you're now one of my heroes ....

Unfortunately, you ascribe, me thinks, too much faith and credit to the other side in this one ....

Remember, Pat Roberson, their evangelical hero, counsels assassinations of democratically elected foreign leaders...

Falwell said homos are an "abomoniation"...

Their Republican leader, Willard "the bully" Romney and his ilk considers inter-racial marriage or, even, social contact between their white women and any black, spanish, asian or American Indian man, likewise, as abominable...

But, he would likely have no problem employing them as low-wage laborers in any one of his Bain company, off-shore shell companies making L.L. Bean boots in Malaysia or China.

We don't have to put our losers in front of firing squads ... especially when we have no difficulty exposing them as the bullys and selfish, power hungry, frauds they always were and then let them live with it.

Far better than a firing squad and a living lesson to others who might attempt a similar fraud against our American People and system of government.

I realize this message may not be very classy or sexy. Its just another thought from a gratetful American.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Whatever became of winning

Whatever became of winning gracefully. Anyone can be a sore loser, but it takes a liberal democrat to be a lousy winner.

Zack Lenhert's picture

WHAAAAAA!!! (see below)

WHAAAAAA!!! (see below)

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Classless idiocy..(see above)

Classless idiocy..(see above)

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

We wonder if Dr. Kuck will be

We wonder if Dr. Kuck will be singing the same tune 4 years from now.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

A beacon of freedom - debt

A beacon of freedom - debt greater than GDP and growing.

Liberty and equality - a president who attaches 10% of the taxpayers for being successful and wants to disproportionately levy their earnings.

I guess all is good for those who sign their checks on the back compared to those who sign on the front and provide for everyone else.

The People are attaching the 10 percent ...not the Prez

The People of the United States voted for President Obama's vision and policies, including the redistribution of wealth policies you mention. These policies and actions are necessary to wright the imbalances of the past 25 years, where labor and workers have been forced to pay far more, in terms of reduced wages and off-shored jobs for corporate profit, than the wealthy who have had record profits over this same period. We all know this and that is why we all voted to "attach" and claw this back.

President Carter called it a "wind fall profits tax".

You can call it what you want.

I call it justice. ..... sweet .....justice.

God. I love this country....

MARK GRAVEL's picture

1. Let’s get some facts

1. Let’s get some facts aligned to reality. Fifty point one percent of the of the total number of voters casts ballots for Obama, and 49.9% did not casts votes for Obama.

2. Of those who voted for Obama, it is unlikely that all approved of his redistribution policies. People voted for him on due to other issues important to them.

3. Wages for unskilled workers have been flat due to globalization over the past decade. That is unlikely to change. Moreover, let’s make it easier for corporations to move jobs elsewhere or shutter the doors like Hostess foods due to unreachable union demands. Maine does have a Wonder Bread factory I recall; expect that bakery to close. - good old sweet justice, right?

4. Jimmy Carter had a stellar economy under his administration; just look at what his windfall profit tax had to do with stagnation.

5. A good measure will be 4-years from now. My guess is that you’ll be no better off economically because you are only concerned with your own selfish revenge and missing the bigger picture. You will still be blaming the rich and Bush for your economic standing four or ten years from now. Oh well, perhaps your envy will rot you form the inside out.

6. Lastly, you should also look how the Whitehouse cycles between the two major parties – what goes around comes around.

Enjoy your shallow victory.

There is only one major party left ...and it'll grow, grow grow

In 4 years there will be 25 percent less Republicans ...leaving around 30 million elderly, white guys.

During the same period, there will be an additional 25 percent non-white Democrats, or about 30 million addtional non-white voters added to the already existing, and not so elderly, 75 million.

In another 4 years, there will be less than 22 million white, male Republicans as compared to an estimated 125 million non-white, female, latino, black, asian and American Indian Democrats. They will control our nuclear military. They will control military intelligence. They will be making the laws and they will be enforcing them. You better pray they have short memories.

Do the "math".

The "meek" are about to perpetually inherit the Earth.

That, my friend, is justice .....sweet ....justice.

And all, as Mao predicted, without firing a shot .... it is gonna drop into our palm like a ripe fruit.

There is no gloating.

There is no shallow victory.

There is a hard fought and won lesson that "might" does not "make right" as the Bush's, Hitler's, Cheney's, Ryumsfeld's, Yoo's, Feith's, the Bilderbergers, The Trilateral Commissioners, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bohemian Grovers, the Bonesmen, the CIA drug runners, the Isreali twin tower terrorists, all once thought they could impose, manipulate and coerce everyone to swallow.


the big lie of fractional reserve banking,

the big lie that big banks borrow money free from their private, Federal Reserve, banking cartel and then

the big lie that they are "entitled" to turn around and loan it to the average American for high interest.

What "entitles" them to this freebie?

What "entitles" them to be a middle man?

What "entitles" then to "tithes" or "interest"?

The organized church. The organized banks. They're one and the same ...each with their hand in our pockets.

It is and always was a big lie.

What a laugh .... their fear of this lie being exposed through "their enemy" a free internet .... a free flow of information, ideas and suggested actions in response to their lies .....GAME OVER

The jigs up.

You can run, but you can not hide from your crimes against humanity. ...and Abramoff, Madoff and the other Wall Street banksters at Whitehall Street, in lower Manhattan .... Chase, Morganthau, Rockefeller ... and the other decendants of the Bretton Woods cartel ....

The Jigs up and we ain't never going back ....never.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

First, your assertion that

First, your assertion that only white males vote republican is absurd.

Forty-eight ish percent of the voting population voted for Republican – those are not all white males.

Lastly, I think the meek, who cannot earn a decide living for themselves, will sprout enough intelligent to be productive is not likely to happen. They are meek for a reason. Good luck living in that world; a world of extreme poverty.

All that you have to do is read about how South Africa destroyed its economy by driving out the producers. From prosperity to starvation in one generation.

Less than 60 million people voted for Romoney out of 300

Between Obama's likely positive results the next four years and a greatly diminished Republican voting pool, I predict about 30 million would vote for a Republican presidential candidate, even if that candidate was equal to a President Obama in terms of competence and trustworthiness to represent us internationally.

There is a big difference between the American public and that of South Africa, I would suggest.

South Africans finally got organized to throw out the so-called "producers", who were nothing more than slave lords that were exploiting black labor for white business profits.

We have yet to do so, but we will.

Unions exist for exactly that reason, and they are on the rise, fortunately.

Walmart is about to be hit with a zinger on so-called Black Friday .... purple thursday ...or whatever.... and I can't wait.

Higher wages for Walmart workers means better opportunities for other local businesses forced to close up shop because of Walmart encroachments nationwide during the Reagan and Bush years, and not as much during the Clinton years.

Hostess went bust because their food sucks and Americans were no longer buying that crap..... Twinkies! Really?

And, don't underestimate the "meek", Mark.

They built the transcontinental railroad and are now the strongest economy on Earth.

They fought the English and have now thrown them out of Ireland.

They suffered the imprisonment of their beloved black, leader in South Africa, only to see him released to become their President.

They watched as their President was metaphorically horse whipped, publically, by white, racists in the U.S. Congress, only to see him re-elected as President of the United States of America, with the greatest turn out of non-white, "meek" voters in voting history ....and during the worse hhurricane in east coast history.. to boot....!

The "get up and go" of the "meek" is what won the election for the Democrats and supporting Republicans, like myself.

No. Don't underestimate the "meek". They're going to be making and enforcing the law from now on.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

“Unions exist for exactly

“Unions exist for exactly that reason, and they are on the rise, fortunately.”

Say goodbye to your twinkies and wonder bread.

See how that works in the real world.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Good luck with that.

Good luck with that.

Hey, Mark. You seem like a nice guy....

Howsa about coming over for a cup of tea some time? I'd enjoy meeting you, face to face, and picking where we left off with some of these discussions. Let me know.


Republican, U.S. Veteran for Obama

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

How dare you muddy the

How dare you muddy the liberal Kool-Aid with stuff like that, Mark.


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