E. Graham: Negative forces taking charge

I was impressed that two women extolled their homosexual relationship prior to the election; impressed mostly that somehow it was a badge of honor.

I was also impressed by a young student at UMF who told of her grandfather's strong biblical faith and how he wished "she would share it."

I concluded that whatever is going on in society, there are forces that intend to break the bonds of faith even in families.

In talking with students I realize that these same forces continue to preach the sermons of unbelief in the Judeo/Christian faith. These negative forces deny the power and authenticity of the Bible.

Isn't it amazing that Americans will defend the Islamic holy book and, at the same time, reject the words and commands of the Christians' holy book. (I blame President Barack Obama.)

America's early settlers were so devoted to God that the last thing they would ever do would be to displease their holy God and his holy commands.

People are being taught (yes, in schools) to dishonor God and his holy commands.

How could the electorate embrace a man who has the audacity to defy Christians' holy commands when it comes to moral conduct?

I beg of the editors of the Sun Journal, do not force perverse images upon the public for money when those perverse marriages occur here in Maine.

Elaine Graham, Farmington

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Oh. Elaine,...incidentally...

America's first European settlers were freaks, outcasts and booted out of every place they'd previously lived. ...and they didn't even know how to feed themselves without my ancestor's help.

Not a good "moral" example to use, I suggest.

Elaine, Elaine, Elaine ...I am sure, otherwise, you are a very

...beautiful and wonderful person.

We have moved beyond the "audacity fo defy Christian's holy commands" to "the audacity of hope" in our re-elected President Barack Hussein Obama.

And, if you will look around you and out across the globe, the world seems to agree.

No one I know is defending any doctrine, religion or book above the Christian Bible.

It's just that people are also no longer willing to drink the "Reverand Jim Jones, Jim Baker, Jim Swaggart or any other Jim's" so-called Christian kool-aid or accept their models of Christian behavior above the non-christian doctrines, religions or books.

Fair is fair.

No one knows which is factually true. It's all by "faith". Right?

I, personally, have faith they are all correct, ....and, they are all wrong.

Pick any one of them. Live it as a guide for your life. Meet people. Be loving and not hateful. Be caring and not neglect people you should love. They all proclaim this basic message.

Pick any one of them.

Pick none of them.

In this country. It is your choice, either way.

Thank God....Allah, Har Krishna, etc...

or, just thank your lucky star...

As for me, today, I think I'll be a "tree hugging sun worshipper".

 's picture

No pictures?

Nothing is scarier than pictures of people in love.


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