N. Lawrence: Dirty tricks gave Obama victory

The results of the recent presidential election left me in a state of depression similar to the one I had after the New England Patriots-New York Giants Super Bowl game.

I liked Mitt Romney and saw him as a modern-day Joshua, leading America to that promised land of jobs and financial stability. He is a decent, likable person whose expertise in human relations, finance and business turnarounds is impeccable. Romney is a generous person, who I believe doesn't have a mean bone in his body.

President Obama's re-election campaign manager, David "dirty tricks" Axelrod, using Saul Alinsky's playbook, "12 Rules for Radicals to Destroy the Opposition," spent millions of dollars on negative advertising in an attempt to destroy Romney's character.

Romney's election would have eliminated much of the mean-spirited, partisan politics that exist in Washington, D.C.

I take some comfort in recalling an oft-quoted saying of my dear old grandmother, "It's an ill wind that doesn't blow some good."

Noyes Lawrence, Lisbon Falls

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JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

The road to your reality is a Cul-de-sac

"12 Rules for Radicals to Destroy the Opposition," spent millions of dollars on negative advertising in an attempt to destroy Romney's character.

You must of had your volume off on your TV when all of the ads aired negativity and personal, inflammatory attacks on the President and many other good people.

The devil is in the details and it appears that your own self righteous right wing-nuts are attacking your dear Romney since day two of his getting his nose bloodied, by David Axellrod, why is that?

The man was a fraud and had no plan, other than he felt it was their turn for being in the White House and Princess Ann said "Those People" quote, shouldn't pick on her little Mittens.

Nice try Noyes, but we got you...

RONALD RIML's picture

Thank Our Christian God

Nobody ever spoke ill that of that Muslim, Kenyan-born, Anti-Americun, Christian Hatin' - Godless Commie, Income Redistributin' Terrorist that beat the crap out of Romney.

No Sir, never heard any of that!!!

Jim Cyr's picture

The Data is

out there. The Media and those wanting a free ride beat the crap out of Romney. Long live Santa Claus ! Romney also contributed to the confusion. Gary Johnson was the man with the better vision of our Founders. As for our Marxist/Muslim, if the shoe fits, wear it !! The Data is out there.

Sorry, Noyes, but Romney is an exposed bully head shaver ....

Think about it.....

Romney slipped away to Paris while our boys were drafted to die in a foreign war.

Romney used daddy's money and other's to establish Bain Inc... and buy control of other American companies, load them with debt and bankrupt them after selling off their inventories, machines and laying of American workers...for his own profit. He was now a bully with a lot of other people's money.

Look at Ann. I mean, really look at her. You think he's treated her any different?

Then, behind the backs of the American voter, about 150 million or 47 percent of them, he tells his closest rich investors and sex partiers that he isn't concerned about them, although he believes he's either convinced them to vote for him, because he's a white guy like elderly and many of the veteran's he's talking about, or he believes he has a strategy to keep them from voting, period, because the last thing he wants is for the Latinos, blacks, women, veterans, non-Mormons, American Indians and young people to turn out at the polls and vote.

Mr. Romney may look like a decent person, but he ain't. Ask any vet.

Mr.. Romney may look like a likeable person, but he ain't. Ask any Christian.

Mr. Romney may seem generous, but he isn't. See how quick he ponies up tax payments from his hidden Caymen, Swiss and other off-shore accounts. He can't because, if his Mormon church found out what he really made for income hidden in those accounts, they'd find out he really didn't pony up all his required tithes ...and this would put him on the "apostate" list until he does pony up. Them's their rules...and that'd mean even his whole family has to look for their little chickies somewhere else other than at the tabernacle.

This Romney guy has cheated everyone. He's cheated his wife and his family out of a sane life. He's cheated his fellow business owners and their employees out of their going concerns, security and retirements. He's cheated the American people out of paying his fair share of taxes on his hidden money. He's cheated the Country out of his service for our National Defense in times of war.

It would have been with a cold heart that Willard "Mitt" Romney would have harnessed the Mormons hiding in the darkest corners of our federal government to rule over us with inflated egos and Hitler-like self rightousness.

Comparatively, Nixon would be likened to a choir boy in relation to a Mitt Romney presidency.

The only jobs Mitt Romney would have been leading America to in any way like the mythical Joshua, Noyes, would be service sector, minimum wage jobs in Chinese supplied and owned companies, like Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, Dollarama, and we figured it out well before the election and voted accordingly.

RONALD RIML's picture

Dayum!!!! You know what time of day it is!!!!


 's picture

Holy Denial Batman

Look within Noyes. The entire Republican Party is doing just that.

 's picture

Mr. Lawrence...

I believe it was John D Rockefeller who said there were no such thing as poor people. Then someone realized he had never seen one.

Um, no

At this point, it would be informative to listen to such conservatives as Louisiana Republican governor Bobby Jindal, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and columnist George Will speak about former Governor Romney: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2012/11/18/george_will_to_romney_...

At least for those of us who live on Planet Earth, and not a fantasy world, I need add nothing.


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