Lewiston's Christmas tree on the move

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Public Works employees in Lewiston tie a spruce tree from 10 Treemount Ave on a flatbed truck on Monday. The donated tree was transported to Dufresne Plaza on Lisbon St. The Christmas tree lighting will be held Monday, Nov. 26.

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 's picture

Christmas tree

Oh CHRISTMAS TREE Oh CHRISTMAS TREE . If you do not like the way thing are going just leave .......

David  Cote's picture

Christmas tree vs Holiday tree

And let the annual argument begin. It's fascinating what some people allow to stick in their craw. What does it really matter what title the tree is named? Why waste energy and invite stress into your life over something as trivial as this? Do people who believe the word "Christmas" must be in the title nred their beliefs validated by those that call it a "Holiday" tree? What's so paradoxal about the argument is those who insist it must be called a "Christmas" tree don't care what others believe it should be called, AND, in attemptin to get their point across they sometimes do so in rather condescending, and even insulting tones. Indeed, not exactly a Christian way to be, is it?

Sandy Mabry's picture

nice tree

but i don't know about anyone else but when i was little it was called a christmas tree and it's a shame that they changed the name to please other's oh well just another way to to change this country

 's picture

Huge Christmas tree!


 's picture

Huge Christmas tree!


Roger  Cyr's picture


holiday tree MY A$$


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