Farmington police investigate vehicle thefts at Franklin Memorial Hospital

FARMINGTON — Police are investigating multiple vehicle burglaries that occurred around 8 p.m. Tuesday at Franklin Memorial Hospital.

Submitted Photo

Three men suspected of multiple vehicle burglaries at Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington on Tuesday night are seen in a hospital security camera photo.

They are asking the public for help identifying the three men seen in a hospital security photo, Sgt. Edward Hastings of the Farmington Police Department.

Cash, cigarettes and electronic devices valued at more than $500 were taken from the vehicles. Police are still taking complaints of stolen property, he said.

All vehicles were left unlocked at the time of the thefts. No damage to property has been reported, he said.

Anyone who can identify any of the men is asked to contact Hastings at the Farmington Police Department, 778-6311.

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Randall Pond's picture

Un-Locked Vehicles?

Just because you live in Rural Farmington, Maine doesn't mean you leave your car unlocked, ladies and Gentleman! This is the 21st Century and Crime is up and Jobs are done and it's holidays and People are Desperate!

I am sorry for all that lost stuff but, if you have Collision and Comprehensive on your car, you should be covered for Robbery.

 's picture


Just because someone in a hurry to go see a loved one in the hospital and forgets to lock the car doesn't mean its okay to just help yourself to anything in there and especially to turn it into drug money. We were brought up that you didn't take anything that wasn't yours and there lies the problem of the way some children are raised now. Its okay to have your things stolen if you have insurance to reimburse you? Insurance is not free and it don't matter if your car is locked if they see something that will bring them some cigarette and drug money they will bust your window but guess thats okay if you have insurance huh? There is no deterrent and thats why it keeps happening. If they are teenagers then go after the parents. Thats where it all started. I took a pack of gum from a store and I was taken right back there by my Mother with the gum and had to give it to the store owner and tell him I took it without paying. Didn't do it again. A slap on the hands is not gonna work with kids nowadays. Let us know how you take it when it happens to you.

Randall Pond's picture


Want some Cheese to Go with your Whine? No, it's not the Fault of the Parents. It's the Fault of the Government for taking away a Parent's Right to Discipline their Children with a Good Slap on the ASS! They also Need to Teach Kids these days R E S P E C T ! NONE OF TODAY'S KIDS KNOW WHAT RESPECT IS, LET ALONE RESPECT THEMSELVES AS WELL AS OTHERS!

 's picture


Well it was my parents that took me back to that store with the gum. I hate to disagree with such an intelligent person as yourself but kids can be raised to respect and obey the law without a slap on the A** as you say. The first people I learned to respect was my parents but they earned it and the others were my elders. If you don't learn that before you get to the age of these three boys then its the parents fault. Its not up to teachers to raise your kids and if they don't learn its not the teachers fault either. Alot of parents don't have a clue where their kids are half the time as long as they ain't bothering them. If you want to call this whining then be my guest. If some kids don't get into trouble and do well in school its cause they got parents that were responsible for that and if the kids don't then the parents are as responsible for that as well. Those are my feelings and as far as I know I am still able to express them and don't care if you or anyone else likes them. All a parent has to do now is before they even know the whole story is to say "my child wouldn't do that" and then the kid knows he has them where he wants them.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Locking the car just complicates things.....

I live in a nicer section of Auburn now, so I don't lock my car just because I don't feel it's necessary. No one is going to get near it without setting off numerous motion lights, which wakes up the dog. I never locked it years ago when I lived in N Turner. When I moved to Lewiston a while ago, I locked my car. I had nothing of value in it, but that didn't matter. The first and only time I locked my truck, someone smashed out my passengers window. Didn't take anything, just made a huge mess. Even with the insurance, and the glass company cleaning the cab of the truck, I kept finding tiny pieces of glass until I got rid of the truck. I don't bother locking anymore, the only thing I ever leave in my car is something I need to get rid of easily. Great way to get rid of old TV's that don't work anymore. Trust me, they'll take anything they think might fetch them five bucks.......


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