Rev. Taylor, Thanksgiving message of hope to those who suffer

Editor's note: Rev. Doug Taylor is an inner-city minister who offers thanks to those who helped him turn his life around.

Doug Taylor

LEWISTON — When you spend three years in the ninth grade, drop out of high school, leave home at 16, become a teenage alcoholic and bounce from one rehabilitation center to the next, it is not likely you will become a success in life.

As a young adult, homeless missions and soup kitchens became common stomping grounds for me. Jail time and a separation from my wife and children, with a likely divorce waiting in the wings, is not where you want to be when you're only in your early 20s. So as I write this short story celebrating all the blessings in my life — 23 years of marriage to the same woman, four wonderful children, grandchildren, my career as a minister and a beautiful home with two very nice vehicles parked outside — I must stop and give thanks to those who have helped me in my life.

To God be all glory, honor and praise. What would have happened to me if God had not used so many people in my life to save me? Death, divorce, prison, homelessness or worse — maybe Hell.

My mother, wife, children, counselors, friends, pastors, employers and G.E.D teacher have all played an important part in changing my life into what it is now. Even my judges, lawyers, probation officers and jailers have played essential roles in my transformation. I have a saying: No one can appreciate what God has done for me more than me.

I hope this story will encourage people not to give up on those who have struggles.

What do you think of this story?

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Rev. Taylor

Why does your gratitude not include tolerance?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Why is your level of

Why is your level of "tolerance" insufficient to tolerate a lower level of tolerance in others who may not always share your point of view? Isn't the inability of a tolerant person to tolerate intolerance in others intolerance in and of itself?



I don't know what or where you are coming from. Gay people have helped me in my life, black people have helped me in my life, atheists have helped me in my life, and the list goes on an on. Just because I don't agree with some peoples lifestyle does not mean I am not tolerant. I tolerate your message and I respond to it without an act of violence. What is the problem? I think you might want to look into your own heart. God bless.


I am the person to who you

I am the person to who you wrote, on Facebook, that Somalis practice plural marriage. You know it's not true, and yet you are willing to let people believe it in order to further hatred and bigotry.


Sorry, that should be to

Sorry, that should be to WHOM.



Wow! You said a mouth full. (lol)


Are you familiar with the

Are you familiar with the term "circular argument"?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Very much so. I thought my

Very much so. I thought my application of the term was very timely and well placed, don't you?


Absolutely not. It must be

Absolutely not. It must be an exercise in frustration to try to have a conversation with you.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You'd better be alert, if

You'd better be alert, if that's what you mean. It's an acquired taste.


I would have described it as

I would have described it as a way for you to feel like you won an argument when all you did was make the other person walk away from you as I am now. End of conversation because you don't make any valid points.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I didn't realize we were

I didn't realize we were having a meaningful conversation. Did I miss something?
I'm not here to win arguments, by the way. I express opinions. Whether they win or lose anything means nothing to me.

Travis Lemay's picture

Is It your "mission"

Is It your mission in life no pun intended to be in the Lewiston Sun Journal the most of all time or at least be in it once a week?


Free Speech !

I love living in America! I would be dead if I lived in the Middle East. I love my freedoms and put my liberties to use. I am thankful for free speech. Have a blessed day, but I don't want to spend to much time on people who hate me today. I am going to enjoy my loved ones who love me and support me. Thank you to all those who helped me when I was young.
Bro. Doug Taylor

Travis Lemay's picture

is america really a great place

everyone who lives in the us are either immigrants or decedents of immigrants the only true Americans are the
Native Americans, who decided we can come to a "new" land and claim it as ours? just kick the Indians out and give them diseases. Nice country if u ask me. no different that any other country out there trying to invade another country to take it over. but in todays age the US would put its nose into it and create a war.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

If it's that bad, why do you

If it's that bad, why do you stay? None of us is being forced to stay here.


So funny!

It's so funny! I can't count how many phone calls and letters I have sent to people who have helped me. It is funny because when I run into one of these wonderful people at a local eating place I have to pick up the bill. If I catch them in malls, I almost knock them down with my greetings. I also tell everyone around how awsome they are and I am readdy to knock teeth out of people who talk bad about them. Please do not tell me how to thank the people who have helped me in my live. I would give my blood for them today. Your so funny!
Bro. Doug

Travis Lemay's picture

call them up

why do u need to publish something to thank people who changed your life, why not call write email or visit them. I don't care and i bet there is at least one other person out there who doesn't care who helped u become the person u are. focus all this media attention u get and put in to the "teachings" you talk about.


Don't Care

I know you don't care thats why I am glad I feel into the hands of people who did. Every time I submit something like this to the paper, I get phone calls and letters from people who are hurting and thank me. It is ok for you not to care about me. Have a Happy Thanksgiving whith those you do care about. I can't spend much time with this on Thanksgiving so just enjoy your day and try not to think about me.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Is there a point to your two

Is there a point to your two negative posts ragging on a good man who does a great deal of good in our community?
Is he a perfect being? Hell, no!!
Are you?


Thanks Man

Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You're welcome Reverend.

You're welcome Reverend. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
The Pirate has your back.

Rev. Taylor truly inspire ......thanks

Hope to meet you some day.

Again, many, many thanks.


Let's do it.

Let's get together over coffee sometime. I am just a normal guy who loves the Lord. Happy Thanksgiving and God bless.


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