Auburn crash injures three people

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Josh Bissonnette, 19, looks out from the driver's seat of a vehicle as Auburn firefighters work to free Bissonnette from the wreckage of a one-car accident Saturday afternoon at 69 Field Ave. in Auburn. Bissonnette, Corey Juliano, 23, and Jacob Green, 20, were transported to Central Maine Medical Center after the Audi Bissonnette was driving crashed into a tree. "I felt the whole house shake," said Ramsey Tripp. He said he walked up from the basement to see which one of his children's toys fell on the ground and noticed a car on his front lawn. Speed was a factor in the crash, Auburn police said. Bissonnette was charged with driving to endanger, police said.

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Auburn firefighters lift Corey Juliano from the wreckage of a one car accident at 69 Field Ave. in Auburn on Saturday afternoon.

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Sheryl McKeen, left, and Kathy Mandeville watch Auburn firefighters and police remove their sons from the wreckage of a one-car accident Saturday at 69 Field Ave. in Auburn. McKeen's son, Corey Juliano, and Mandeville's son, Jacob Green, were passengers in the Audi driven by Josh Bissonnette. 

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Wilma Turcotte's picture


It is turning into the same thing on Winter and Summer Streets since they have redone the streets. They have done a great job and it is very nice but it still is a residential street but it has turned into the Maine turnpike for some. There will be small kids playing, riding bikes and skateboards come spring and someone is gonna be killed. If no one is at the intersection of Dennison they don't even stop. Just slow down and go right through it which means you don't loose speed I suppose. I am not far from that intersection and to be going 50 or more when you go by my house you didn't start from 0. I hear them go by here at 6 in the morning going that fast or faster and that is someone that lives in the neighborhood going to work I believe. Its not an excuse to anyone cause no cars or people are around that that speed is okay. If a policeman was sitting here they would go 15 miles an hour but thats because they saw him. There has to be another way and there has to be punishment or it won't stop. There is nothing here but houses with a stop sign at each end.


Bound to happen.

Field Ave has turned into a drag strip of recent years,day or night,doesn't matter. The Tripp kids always play around that tree. They could have been seriously hurt or killed .Maybe these hotshots have learned something,probably not.


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