Prosecutor says killing of North Anson man drug-related

SKOWHEGAN — Opening arguments were heard Monday in Somerset County Superior Court in the murder trial of a Norridgewock man accused of killing a North Anson man three years ago in a drug-related slaying.

Robert Lee Nelson, 41, is accused of shooting Everett L. Cameron to death as Cameron sat in his truck on Town Farm Road in North Anson on Oct. 31, 2009.

Assistant Attorney General Donald Macomber said Nelson was looking for oxycodone pills and that Cameron had been selling his prescription painkillers to supplement his disability income. Cameron was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2004.

Macomber said Cameron, 60, had given Nelson a pill earlier, but Nelson was unable to pay the $35.

Both Everett J. Cameron Sr., the victim’s son, and Virginia Hayden, the victim’s fiancee, said Cameron told them he was going to meet Nelson near Town Farm Road on the afternoon of Oct. 31, 2009.

Macomber said witnesses will testify that Nelson was intoxicated on drugs later that day.

“Common sense will tell you when someone doesn’t have any oxycodone in the morning but does in the afternoon and evening, he got them in the afternoon,” said Macomber.

Defense attorney Philip Mohlar said Cameron had been selling his oxycodone pills for years and that many people would have had a motive to kill him if he didn’t give up the drugs.

“Mr. Cameron was a drug dealer. There’s no way to sugarcoat that,” said Mohlar.

Everett J. Cameron Sr. and Hayden testified during the morning portion of the trial.

The trial will continue into the afternoon. It is expected to last six days.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

These are the cases we need to catch......

It's pretty obvious, it's stated he was selling the pills for years to supplement his Disability income. I don't normally speak badly of the dead, but these things p&$s me off. It's what makes it harder for me to receive my needed medications. In this case, this individual was receiving more than he needed. His doctor wasn't paying attention, and I'll bet there was no contract, or if there was, it wasn't being observed. This is exactly why I have no problem with a contract, and I am more than willing to follow thru with what ever testing, pill counting etc that may be needed.
I would like to explain one thing a lot of people might not realize. When you are really in pain, severe pain, you do NOT get a buzz from pain meds. If I do not take what I need, exactly as I need it, and when I need it, I suffer. My medications are monitored very carefully by both my doctors, and my pharmacist. I guess not everyone plays by the same rules........

Robert McQueeney's picture

Just curious

Who, or what was Mr. Cameron's supply source?

Why do I get the feeling that I, along with every other taxpayer, was his supply source? I'm also guessing there was no verification process to assure that Mr. Cameron was taking his full prescribed dosage, so he was free to do as he chose with the pills.


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