D. Vaillancourt: Try the 'right turn only' approach

This is about Lewiston's Main Street traffic congestion. I would like to offer my suggestion to Lewiston city street planners. It comes from traveling to other cities which have heavily traveled streets.

Auburn streets are not too bad, but Lewiston is ridiculous. People traveling out of or coming into the city during mid to late afternoon weekdays find themselves in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Other cities have used the "right turn only" concept to avoid the need for installing street lights. Major streets such as Main, Russell, Sabattus and even Lisbon would benefit.

The recent installation of another light on Main Street was a bad decision.

Using a "right turn only" concept and designating either College or Montello streets (just a quick example) to reverse directions would have been a better solution.

Donald Vaillancourt, Lewiston

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Traffic is now backed up at

Traffic is now backed up at that intersection several times a day, every day. I don't know if right turn only is the answer, but installing yet another traffic light in the city sure doesn't seem to be.


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