8 men from Maine cited for soliciting work in N.Y.

EAST MEADOW, N.Y. (AP) — Eight men from Maine have been issued summonses after they were found soliciting work from Long Island residents.

Nassau County police say the men were found seeking work in East Meadow and Hempstead on Wednesday afternoon. All were issued violation notices from the county Office of Consumer Affairs for operating a home improvement business without a permit.

They are: 31-year-old Christoper R. Lau and 20-year-old Ian Michaud, both of Biddeford; 22-year-old Shawn Thyng of Jackson; 48-year-old Thomas Thyng and 69-year-old Sherman L. Thyng, both of Lyman; 24-year-old Marshal Vanderbloeman of Sanford; 25-year-old Nathan L. Jackson of Casco, and 36-year-old Marl L. Bureau of Hollis.

They were released and are to appear in district court in Hempstead on Dec. 27.

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unregistered contractors

It would be good if there were a mechanism for out of state contractors to have someone they could contact to find out what was necessary. Especially with a disaster, there are many people who take advantage, but there are also many people who really want to help. I remember years ago when we had a hurricane. A friend of my husband spend that day and the next two days going around and cutting down trees in roads and people's yards. FREE. He also would be doing something illegal in New York. Up here, he was just helping.



Seeking work without a permit? really?

 's picture

Possible reason

I suspect they were cited not just because they were looking for work, but because they were presenting themselves as home-improvement contractors. Although I don't know the law in New York, some jurisdictions are cracking down on itinerant roofing/insulation/driveway contractors because so much fraud has been committed in this line, especially against the elderly.

Gary Grenier's picture

And especially against people

And especially against people in areas devastated by hurricanes and such!


Rick, Thanks for your

Thanks for your comment, I understand the logic.


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