Bail set for woman accused of throwing Molotov cocktails, leading police on chase

LEWISTON — A judge set bail at $10,000 cash or $5,000 cash with conditions Friday for a 21-year-old woman accused of running over her ex-boyfriend's foot, throwing Molotov cocktails at two cars parked in front of his apartment building and leading police on a pair of high-speed chases.

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Heather Kullson, 21, of Lewiston, made her initial appearance in Lewiston's 8th District Court on Friday on charges stemming from Tuesday night's police chase through Lewiston, Auburn and Poland.

Heather Kullson of Lewiston is charged with two counts of arson, two counts of eluding an officer and one count of aggravated assault. She made her initial appearance in 8th District Court in Lewiston.

Assistant District Attorney Patricia Reynolds Regan asked Judge Rick Lawrence for $10,000 cash bail, calling Kullson "an extreme danger to the public and to herself."

Kullson's lawyer, James Howaniec, argued for lower bail, noting that his client has no money and strongly denies lighting or throwing any Molotov cocktails. He characterized Kullson as a good college student and young mother who has never been in trouble with the law, other than a traffic stop, and has never been treated for mental illness.

"She has no history of doing anything like this," he told the judge. "It's kind of a strange case. She's a very bright, intelligent young woman with no history of violence."

Howaniec said Kullson had suffered a head injury during military boot camp when she was about 18 and her parents have seen behavioral issues in her since then. He said he would agree to a mental health evaluation for Kullson.

After Kullson's father told the court that he could put up $5,000, the judge ordered $10,000 cash bail or $5,000 in cash under the condition that she be supervised by Maine Pretrial Services and receive a mental health assessment. If she posts bail, she will also be prohibited from driving and must stay away from her ex-boyfriend and Walnut Street, where the alleged incident took place.

Kullson has been held at the Androscoggin County Jail on $25,000 cash bail since she was arrested Tuesday.

In court documents, Lewiston police say Kullson and her boyfriend, David Pelletier, broke up after Pelletier was arrested last week on a charge of theft and Kullson didn't bail him out of jail. On Tuesday evening, after the breakup, the pair met at Pelletier's Walnut Street apartment building so Kullson could retrieve her belongings. 

According to police, Pelletier brought Kullson's things out to her car. When she saw him, they said, she threw the car in reverse, backed up the street and then sped forward, aiming for him. Police said Pelletier tried to jump out of the way but couldn't get clear and Kullson ran over his left ankle. She sped off, police said, and Pelletier hobbled inside but did not call police because he was out on bail and did not want to get law enforcement involved.

Police said Pelletier then heard the revving of a car engine outside. When he looked out the window, they said, he saw Kullson throw a lit bottle out her car window. They said she then went up the street, returned and threw another one. Someone called police. 

Lewiston police said they spotted Kullson's Honda Civic near Howe Street soon after and tried to stop her, but Kullson fled. They pursued her for several minutes through Lewiston and Auburn, with speeds reaching 100 mph, according to court documents, but police called off the chase due to concerns over public safety.

Her car was spotted again about 30 minutes later in the area of Birch and Pierce streets. Police said they pursued her again, this time involving officers from Lewiston, Auburn, the Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office and Maine State Police. She was stopped in Poland about 20 minutes later and arrested.

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heavy sigh

She is probably a criminal - not yet convicted therefore not a criminal under that revered document the Constitution.

Bail is not a fine, it is bail meant to guarantee that a person will appear in court.

I'm sure the anger of those who would toss her in a light deprived cell and lose the key are filled with righteous anger and gallons of testosterone to assist in beating their chests mountain gorilla style - that's the same emotion that may have led this woman to commit a crime.

Americans are innocent until convicted in a court of law. If they are denied bail it is not as punishment, but because they are likely to flee or to commit more crimes.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

No history of criminal activity, doesn't cut it...

I'm sorry, but the lack of a criminal record should not even be allowed as an argument for bail. The most disgraceful, depraved, most dispicable criminal in the history of crime, had no record before they commited their first crime.
This crime could have easily resulted in someons death, homes could have been lost to fire, inocent drivers were at risk just driving. She wasn't just popped for shop lifting. She needs to be dealt with severely, $5000.00 bail doesn't measure up to the severity of the crime, The courts need to start considering the citizens safety when setting bail, I just don't see that happening......

Randall Pond's picture

Bail is a Joke

She's Accused of running over her boyfriend and throwing Molotov cocktails and all they ask for is $25,000 and Settle for $5,000?!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE, PEOPLE! We are letting criminals back on the street with a slap on the hand. She's 21 and that's an adult under the law. Even if her father puts up the money, is he going to watch her every minute of the day to make sure she behaves? No. Will Maine Pre-trail? No.

We Strongly need to change Our Laws here in Maine and let the Criminal know WE MEAN BUSINESS When you Break The Law!


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