N. Willard: Wish list for the future

It is sad that all the doom and gloom of Mary Jane Newell’s letter (Nov. 25) is based on fears that are not true.

President Obama is a Christian, an American citizen and was raised by a mother and grandparents from Kansas. He is not a Muslim, not a Communist and he works diligently to enhance the well-being of all citizens of this country and the world.

Susan Rice was born in Washington, attended Stanford University and was a Rhodes Scholar.

Here is my wish list:

The Affordable Care Act be accepted and improved where needed.

The wealthy pay their fair share of taxes. Hiding money out of the country to avoid taxes must be stopped.

The Citizens United ruling must be changed; get big money out of politics.

Everyone accepts that there is no voter fraud and that voter suppression is wrong.

Planning for parenthood is essential. Planned Parenthood should be supported and funded. The world population is growing too fast. Food supply will continue to grow as a real problem.

Global warming and climate change are happening. Pouring tons upon tons of pollution into the atmosphere is not healthy for planet Earth. Officials need to focus on alternative energy, now.

Jobs should be brought back from China, etc. People need to make a concerted effort to “buy American.”

People must accept that “separation of church and state” means they cannot force their religious beliefs and taboos on others.

Nancy Willard, Woodstock

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Richard Begin's picture

Susan rice and Nacy Willard

Nancy you as usual have demonstrated just how Distant that you are from Everyday Reality. I suggest that you the the Editorial in todays Wall street Journal that speaks Volumnes about the Failure of Susan Rice's Tenure during the Clinton Era,

I have met Nancy Twice and it is very trying to have any communication with her she really is out thyere.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Nancy, your side just won the

Nancy, your side just won the election for a second term. Are you suggesting that life in "Camelot" over the past 4 years has not been paradise?
By the way, if church and state are so separate, why is Christmas a federal holiday?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

1. What the heck is “fair

1. What the heck is “fair share”? This term is used with quantification and therefore is meaningless.
2. Money and political influence has and will always be present. An individual is delusional to think otherwise. The only way to take the money out of politics is to take money out of government and keep it in earner’s pockets. If there is no fish in the lake, there will be no fisherman fishing that lake.
3. You need to define what you think constitutes voter fraud because there is certainly many, many documented instance of voter irregularities, such as receiving more ballots than registered voters.
4. I’ve been hearing about unsuitable population since the 1970’s, but it has not happened yet. Moreover, data shows that populations stabilize or contract when they become more affluent, take the U.S. (less illegal immigration) and Japan populations for example.
5. Jobs, especially manufacturing jobs, will continue to exit until the Government realizes that over taxation, over regulation, etc. is the repelling force. Globalization means that you need to compete with other countries and they have just as much right to attract jobs as we do in this country. Thinking we are special is simply being arrogant.


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