Two arrested after guns pointed at Fryeburg officers

FRYEBURG — What began as officers responding to a report of a suicidal female with a gun led to two arrests when one person pointed an assault rifle at police Thursday night.

Nathan M. Smith, 27, and Danikah M. Wesley-Dyer, 25, both of 109 Oxford St., were arrested there, police said. Smith was charged with reckless conduct and Wesley-Dyer was charged with reckless conduct and refusing to submit to arrest. Both remained in custody Friday.

According to a release from the Fryeburg Police Department, officers Stephen Witham and Richard Murray responded to a call of a woman threatening suicide at an Oxford Street home. When they knocked on the door, Smith opened it and raised a Colt 223 assault rifle at the officer.

The officer ordered him to drop his weapon, the release said. The man stepped back into the house and then came out with his hands up. Police handcuffed him.

As officers were securing Smith, Wesley-Dyer came outside with a Ruger 9 mm pistol. Police ordered her to drop it. She went inside and came back out without the gun.

Police handcuffed her. According to the arrest affidavit by Witham, Wesley-Dyer resisted arrest, yelling and kicking at officers. She was placed in leg shackles, the affidavit said. She began having seizures, and was transported to Bridgton Hospital. Witham wrote that Wesley-Dyer admitted to having ingested a synthetic drug earlier in the night, which hospital staff suspected to be bath salts.

Once the hospital cleared her, she resisted efforts by police to handcuff her again, the affidavit said. She was eventually cuffed and transported to the Oxford County Jail.

Inside the home, both weapons were found, loaded with rounds in the chambers. Smith was brought to the Oxford County Jail.

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David Rackliffe's picture

Little known fact

Since the beginning of the war in Afghanistan, there have been more police officers killed in the line of duty here in the United States, than all the US soldiers killed in Afghanistan. It is often situations such as this where an officer dies. With the influx of drugs like bath salts, the police are at an even higher exposure for injury and death. Please support your police and report information that could be dangerous to them or to the community. Making our home, town, county, state and nation a safer place is everyone's responsibility. Be an active part by letting your police know what you see and hear.

David Rackliffe's picture

Bad Idea

I'm thankful that this potentially tragic situation was concluded peacefully. I would strongly discourage others from bringing guns to the door when they know police are outside. This could have ended very differently. I'm thankful that the officers are safe and that the others involved were not injured.

RONALD RIML's picture

A matter of semantics

Any weapon with which one may commit 'assault' is an assault weapon.

Diana Currier's picture


yes i forgot walmart, i know they will sell anything to anyone for a buck....

Diana Currier's picture


where do these dope heads get their guns??

Jeff Johnson's picture


How about Wal*Mart?

You can go to any Wal*Mart and buy a .223 semi-automatic with a cheap plastic case... making it look like a tactical weapon. Any gun opponent will automatically (pun intended) call it an 'Assault Rifle', regardless of what it really is.

Guns don't kill people... people kill people. Just remember... more people are killed by vehicles than guns every year. Should we make a 7-day waiting period on those wishing to buy a car?

 's picture

Your statement leaves something out -

people with guns kill people.

David Rackliffe's picture

It's not the guns

People intent on harming or killing other people will do just that, regardless of the weapon chosen. "People with guns" also hunt, target practice and defend themselves and others from being killed. Let's make people more accountable for their illegal and/or unsafe actions and stop trying to punish those who are responsible gun owners.

 's picture

Responsible gun owners...

...are not being punished. They are punishing themselves with paranoia.

Bob Berry's picture


I have high levels of respect for Tony's reporting, but I dislike the term "assault rifle." Rifles don't assault anyone. People do. Ever hear of an assault bat or an assault hatchet? If the rifle must be described, call it a "tactical rifle." It's more correct and less inflammatory.

And kudos to the FPD for ending a potentially tragic situation. Well done.

 's picture

Good point

That wording came from police, and the story has been edited to make that clear.

Bob Berry's picture

nit picky

Sorry to be picky. Nice job.


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