M. Newell: What to tell the grandchildren?

Americans have re-elected a president who has sunk this country into the worst debt in history. This country’s credit rating has been downgraded three times in four years and debt stands at $16 trillion.

Obama refuses to work with a Republican Congress and has not submitted a required budget in four years. He is a president who espouses the communist party line and has associated with known communists his whole life.

He is a president with no idea of what America stands for, being raised in Indonesia and attending Muslim schools there. He wrote in his biography that if there is a war with Muslims, he would have to side with his Muslim brothers.

He is a president who promised his followers that he would give them everything they wanted — free education, free food, free medical care and free housing.

Who voted for that man? People on welfare, people in teacher unions, government workers, illegal aliens, the Hollywood elite, gays, college students and the elite media.

He wants to appoint a woman born in Iran to be the secretary of state and John Kerry as the secretary of defense. That will not be acceptable to the military.

People who voted this travesty into office should be very ashamed. What will they tell their grandchildren when this country is no more?

Mary Jane Newell, Oxford

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"People who voted this

"People who voted this travesty into office should be very ashamed. What will they tell their grandchildren when this country is no more?"
It won't matter what they'll tell them; the schools, at least the public ones, will no longer be teaching American History by then.

Steve  Dosh's picture

What to tell the grandchildren?

Mary Jane ? 12.12.02 20:30 hst
The debt is money we owe ourselves . Our own US$Dollars . Macroeconomics 1 0 1 . Heck the Chinese hold US$dollars , too . Everyone does ! They want more ? We'll print more . Have you ever seen a Yuan , a Renabi , a Ruble , a Euro , ¥en , a CFA or a Pound ? Do you know what they are ?
Q: What to tell the grandchildren?
A: The fiscal cliff was the best thing that ever happened to US on 12/31/12 . Fully 60 % of the U S Federal Budget goes to our military and we remain the world's - o n l y - superpower . Who are we fighting ? " I have seen the enemy and he is us ."
We need to trim fat from the mostly overweight white , male & angry , cynical and sarcastic , wasteful , non - global climate change believing , un - scientific , hypocritical and imploding Republican party . You do realize that your incumbant and honorable Governor fits this picture and is a national laughingstock, right ? He did not even attend the Republican National convention this past year . What's with that ( anyone ) ?
Happy Hannukah , Kwanzaa , EID , Christ-mass , Season of Lights and let the chips fall where they may , Rep. Baynor . Sens. McCain & Graham and any other good Senators from Maine . Y'all have shot yourselves in the feet pretty good this time •
/s Santa Steve *<;-Q~

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

If not for the U.S. military,

If not for the U.S. military, your state would still be under Japanese occupation. Would that be more to your liking?

JOANNE MOORE's picture

What to tell your grandchildren?

That their grandmother was part of the least educated, Fox watchers.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Have you ever spent more than

Have you ever spent more than a 3 minute span watching FOX?

Zack Lenhert's picture

Its scary that people

Its scary that people actually believe this drivel. Where is this women getting her information from?

This is the reason moderates are rejecting the modern GOP... Fox is your own worst enemy.

 's picture

You said...

"Obama refuses to work with a Republican Congress..." You have that backwards. Republicans spent two years making sure the President was a one-term President (good luck with that) and NOT doing the work of the people - what they were elected to do.

CRYSTAL WARD's picture


1. Please go to your local library and take out Pres. Obama's book and read it
2. Do not believe everything the right wing conservative talk TV and Radio tells you
3 Tell your grand kids democracy in the USA is alive and well
4. The country is still standing and will do its best to remain that way
5. Look out the window the sun came up each day since Nov. 6 and set each night

Steve  Dosh's picture

. . † y v m Crystal , and

. . † y v m Crystal , and guess what i am bringing to all my good Republican female friends ( there is one ) for Christmas ? ref : http://www.amazon.com/American-Grown-Kitchen-Gardens-America/dp/0307956024 . Seriously . It's a great book , too . There is hope • Immigration next . Ho, ho, HoO0o•  /s Santa Steve *<;-Q~

RONALD RIML's picture

2012 - And Grover the Norquist is only a Fairy Tale.....

What a Year!!!!

RONALD RIML's picture

What will they tell their Grandparents......?

Grampa, Do you wonder if Mary Jane Newell was a Secessionist????

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The girl in the white T-shirt

The girl in the white T-shirt is thinking to herself, "Yeah, that looks right".

AL PELLETIER's picture

Jeff Foxworthy

If you see a sign like this----they must be rednecks!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Why, because they can't

Why, because they can't spell?

AL PELLETIER's picture

By golly, I think your right!

And to me, it looks like the old dude wearing the blue "Larry The Cable Guy" shirt is saying, "What the F---"!!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"The people at the nursing

"The people at the nursing home told me we were going to Governor's for breakfast, those lying b******s."

RONALD RIML's picture

Perhaps he dropped his dentures.......

And is saying "Whmmfldg....."

AL PELLETIER's picture

My God Ron

I took another look and I think your right. Sharp eye of a gunners mate!

Steve  Dosh's picture

. . HAhahah Ron , Paul , [ l

. . HAhahah Ron , Paul , [ l o l - Ron Paul ] , Al , Amadeo & Bill Engvall have a got a t - shirt for you guys --> http://www.bustedtees.com/secede <-- Ho hO HOoO0oº• /s Santa Steve *<;-Q~

Steve  Dosh's picture

12.02.12 , 21:00 HST ? Q:

12.02.12 , 21:00 HST ?
Q: Gramma' Mary Jane ?
Barack Hussein O'bama ?
Wasn'† that the Irish Muslim brown Hawai'ian via Illinois President we had once with the super cute smart kids Sasha and Melia and the Summa Cum Laude Princeton graduate Rose Garden gardener wifey Michelle ?
A: Why , yes ! That's him !
Jon Albrecht , u 2 , dudicle • Do enjoy a ~ Happy Holy Day Season ~ Leave some thing for the reindeer and i'll take the fruit cake ?,
/s Santa Steverino *<;-Q~

AL PELLETIER's picture

Congratulations Mary Jane!

You have just rocketed to the front of the pack of sore losers. And thank you for a good belly laugh this chilly morning. As Jonathon points out, your facts are so distorted they're laughable.

 's picture

Sorry to see the election hasn't seeped into Mary's mind

1. As we all know, President Obama was not raised in Indonesia; did not go to a muslim school there; and has not written that he would fight with Muslims. All lies.
2. President Obama has not promised his followers free education, free food, free medical care, or free housing. All lies.
3. If you add up all the people Mary says voted for President Obama; he would not have been elected Governor in any State much less President. She forgot a few among them the vast majority of women, african-americans, hispanics, and people who believe in rational thought.
4. America's credit rating may have been downgraded three times in the last 4 years but if true (Only S&P among major ratings corporations has downgraded US credit and then only because of the unwillingness of the Republicans to negiotiate in good faith prior to the election.) its because of the 12 trillion dollars in debt racked up by the Repubicans in the last 30 years and the 6 trillion accummulated by President Bush. Unlike President Bush who began his Presidency with a budget surplus and refused to pay for his tax cuts for the rich, two wars, the largest expansion of the federal government in history, and the Medicare Part D program leading to a 1.3 trillion deficit in his final budget, President Obama has cut Federal spending. The debt incurred during his administration is solely the responsibility of President Bush and the Republicans who prevented any Congressional action in the last 2 years.

Mary accept it; you lost. You lost because your party is irresponsible, dishonest, and more interested in controlling women's reproductive organs than our national future.

 's picture

Jonathan this is just for you

and Ron. Please keep in mind that your President had total control of both houses for 2 whole years. Also your stats in the #4 paragraph are a bit stretched. You like all of your kind tend to twist the facts. But please read the following concerning the impression you and your liberal friends like Ron have left in foreign lands.


RONALD RIML's picture

Dave Gagnon ignorant of Senate 'Rules'

"President had total control of both houses for 2 whole years"

Sorry David, according to Senate Rules, sixty votes are needed to vote for cloture - to break a filibuster. The Dems didn't have that - therefore did not have total control. So knock off your B.S!! (Or are you simply ignorant of what is required for 'total control?' - Let us know.)

Democratic - 57

Republican - 41

Independent - 2

 's picture

Ok Ron,

fact, the 2 independents were caucusing with the Democrats which then makes it 59, one short for the cloture, you only need one moderate and you have your 60. Don't tell me they couldn't get the votes, especially with the 2 moderates from Maine and all the other moderates floating around that chamber.

The procedure for "invoking cloture," or ending a filibuster, is as follows:

A minimum of sixteen senators must sign a petition for cloture.
The petition may be presented by interrupting another Senator's speech.
The clerk reads the petition.
The cloture petition is ignored for one full day during which the Senate is sitting. For example, if the petition is filed on Monday, it is ignored until Wednesday. (If the petition is filed on a Friday, it is ignored until Tuesday, assuming that the Senate did not sit on Saturday or Sunday.)[13]
On the second calendar day during which the Senate sits after the presentation of the petition, after the Senate has been sitting for one hour, a "quorum call" is undertaken to ensure that a majority of the Senators are present. However, the mandatory quorum call is often waived by unanimous consent.
The President of the Senate or President pro tempore presents the petition.
The Senate votes on the petition; three-fifths of the whole number of Senators (sixty with no vacancies) is the required majority; however, when cloture is invoked on a question of changing the rules of the Senate, two-thirds of the Senators voting (not necessarily two-thirds of all Senators) is the requisite majority. This is commonly referred to in the news media as a "test vote".

 's picture

This has been pointed out to him before

As have the record number of Republican filibusters in the last four year and the invention of the "silent" filibuster. I agree with Harry Reid if Republicans are to filibuster it must require that they stand up and speak in defense of their position.
He's just being cute. Using Republican taking points even though they know and he knows they are lies.

 's picture


I've never thought Pravda was anything but a propaganda outlet like Fox News so I've never considered it worth reading much less referencing. Good God, who in Amerca reads Pravda.
Please, what facts have I stretched. Reagan started with a National debt of $900 billion. He added $3 tillion in unpaided for wasteful spending which I have listed in detail before. Bush II added $5.7 trillion again in wasteful spending that he never paid for. Obama's deficits are due to those same Bush II policies - two unpaided for wars, trillion dollar tax cuts, and unregulated financial markets i.e. economic collapse.
What "small government" Republicans can't accept is the adoption by the Republican Party of a strategy to bankrupt the country. Republicans couldn't get rid of Social Security and Medicare because the are too popular i.e. the work and work well. So in the late 70's they latched on to Randism and the idea that if you bankrupt the country then Social Security and Medicare must go because the country can't afford it. This is the heart of the Norquist pledge (reduce Federal Government revenue and expand government debt until the Federal Government must shrink to the point that you can "drowned it in a bathtub").
I'm not stretching facts, I accept them. Republicans on the other hand support an idealogy bent on destroying what has made our country so great, the Constitution, but are unwilling to give up its benefits. Its all very psychotic.

 's picture

Some of us do get

beyond CNN and MSNBC and the rest of the alphabet.

 's picture

by the way

I did notice that as usual you did not challenged the substance of my commet.

 's picture


CNN and MSNBC operate in the real world not the alternative reality of Pravda and Fox News. No equivalency.
Although I may have to move Fox News back into the real world in a few years. Hannity's change of heart on Hispanics and several Newreaders who have defended the idea that Fox News should present hard news rather than propaganda are pointing to a glimmer of hope that Fox News will stop coordinating their coverage with the RNC.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Every time you think you've heard it all.....

Someone else comes out with a letter like this one. It's OK to disapprove the out come of an election, However, in the future, if your going to lambaste someone, get your facts strait. This letter is so wrong on so many points, I'm not even going to try to address the inaccuracies. Educate yourself, and please keep an eye on your blood pressure......

Betty Davies's picture

What we told our grandchildren

Hey, hey--we're celebrating, too! Just pipe down a bit, OK? We're all relieved and delighted that President Obama was re-elected, but there's no need to shout it from the rooftops!

Yes, we're glad, just like you kids, that the nonsense and lies about our President being a Muslim, and a Communist, and so on didn't prevail.

And we're thankful that he supports things we cherish, like a social safety net (which helps your disabled aunt), Social Security & Medicare (which helps Gramps and me), Obamacare (helps everyone, including your great-aunt whose pre-existing conditions got in the way of buying health insurance), and of course "free education" in the form of the public schools that you, and I, and Gramps, and your parents all attended!

We're delighted that we didn't end up with a president who despises 47% of Americans and favors his multi-millionaire pals--and who lies to suit his audience, without shame.

OK, like I said--celebration is fun, but be a bit quieter--some of the neighbors still believe those Republican leaders' lies, and they're fuming.

Steve  Dosh's picture

21:14 hst ? 14 º ? ßBRrrrr .

21:14 hst ? 14 º ? ßBRrrrr . †yvm Betty Davis :) You win ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPOIS5taqA8 <-- Worth a look /see *<;-Q~ /s , Santa Steve

Betty Davies's picture


That's cute!


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