Governor, find a spot for the mural

We supported Gov. Paul LePage when he opted to remove a mural that emphasized labor strife from the lobby of the Labor Department.

Better, we felt, would have been a more neutral mural celebrating how skilled labor and visionary leadership built this state's industrial base together.

LePage had the mural secretly removed last year, resulting in a firestorm of criticism and negative media coverage.

Tuesday, after losing a second round in court, a lawyer seeking a court order that the mural be restored wanted to offer a bargain to the governor.

Jeff Young said Thursday that he would consider dropping further litigation if the state displays the mural at the Maine State Museum or other suitable location.

Adrienne Bennett, LePage's spokesman, called Young's comments "insulting."

We agree.

Usually, striking out twice in court doesn't leave the losing party in a very good bargaining position.

That said, Young obviously doesn't know our governor, who is a stubborn man who would likely litigate forever than give in to such a threat.

That said, the LePage administration said in the beginning that the mural should be placed elsewhere. We said the same thing in an editorial.

For the sake of putting this issue, and the mystery of the mural's location, behind him, the governor should get moving on finding that new home.

The opinions expressed in this column reflect the views of the ownership and the editorial board.

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Steve  Dosh's picture

lsj® 12.04.12 13:00 hst ? "

lsj® 12.04.12 13:00 hst ?
" That said, the LePage administration said in the beginning that the mural should be placed elsewhere. We said the same thing in an editorial. "
Yeah , LePage . Stick it somewhere else ? Promise breakers .. . ...
/s , & Santa Steve

Catherine Pressey's picture

Wagon trains get a moving restore the mural or else.

We the tax payers are sure fed up with this so called stubborn man. God Lepage the only reason that our side lost is that the courts continue to fail to see who the darn Governor and Government is. And like the courts that say Corporations are people, the Government is the people not the Governor. He works for us, and if the people were abused by the Factories and shipyards of yester years and then they managed to get Unions to protect them from that abuse. Then down the road the people of the good state of Maine paid a artist to paint the mural, and it showed a history of what the workers went thru. as well as the companies dealing with their abusive issues. Now our Governor is abusing the workers, and seems to be blaming the mural for the lack of industry wanting to come here. So he removed it, I SAY GOVERNOR BRING BACK OUR MURAL OR ELSE WE WILL REPLACE YOUR stubborn man butt. You can bring this all to a close buy displaying the mural in a place that all our children can see, what the workers and companies went through to get to where we are today, Unions being broken look at Hostess, I bet they reopen under new management and names. Clearly our Mural and our work history belongs to the people and the tax payers of the state of Maine. If ever a man needs to rethink his position it is our God Lepage. My opinion.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Finding that new home?

I'm anxious for him and his daughter to move out of the Blaine Mansion and go find a new home.

Jason Theriault's picture

A few things...

One the Department of Labor is supposed to represent Labor. Not businesses. So I think the topic of the mural is entirely appropriate. You don't yell at Saint Peter's and Paul to put up Jewish artwork. Yes, Judaism was part of the formation of Roman Catholicism, but they don't have to focus on it.

But thats the problem with LePage - everything he has done seems to be more symbolic than real. Declaring the state over for business, removing the murals, declaring cities "Business Friendly". Has any of these measures done anything to create jobs?

However, I said it then - the mural was out of place. Here is a picture I took - It overwelms the space. It should have been on the hallway outside that room. A far better choice.

Jason Theriault's picture

It even overwhelms

...the website...

 's picture

Where's the mural?

Why the mystery of the mural, why taking money from the groups, and why a smiling judge out-lining that he is corporate friendly and can be investigated at any time for investments, stock schemes, and other matters. I'd of wished the legal judges hadn't of rubber stamped the verdicts because if they start having a long hard look taken at the judges; I'm not sure that they'd be able to walk away without insider trading, pyramid schemes, or other defaults in their own personal backgrounds. I'd do anything to wipe the smiles off of their faces and that is no threat to their backgrounds because without even a freedom of information request form you can start tracking and tracing all of their investments, donations, and political activities as well as past rulings. I am running for Republican party chairman and I think a cleaned house, fully disclosed records, and placing gag orders or forcing into recusing judges in Maine who are corporate friendly and have built a track record on it are in order to work with both Democrats and Republicans.


This is why

This is why I dont buy The Lewiston Rag. it is not even good for wiping oneself.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

A verified users for over 3

A verified users for over 3 years nonetheless.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Ostensibly, you do read the

Ostensibly, you do read the free content online, a bit hypocritical perhaps - same statement for the kudos singularity.


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