Mechanic Falls finds no stop signs to LEDs

MECHANIC FALLS — Monday's public hearing on a proposed change to the town's zoning ordinance that would allow LED signs in the downtown drew no opposition.

Light-emitting-diode signs are the relatively new generation of signs that allow for trailing messages and colored pictures that flash and change to attract attention.

In voting to adopt changes to the zoning ordinance that allow LED signs along the developed portion of Route 121 in the special commercial district, the town council stipulated that the signs can only be activated between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. The signs are to be blank during the nighttime hours so as not to disturb nearby residents.

The section of Route 121 where LED signs will now be permitted extends along Lewiston Street, from near the Municipal Building, across the Little Androscoggin River and up the hill along a portion of Pleasant Street.

The council also met with Jennifer Boenig and Mary Martin, two of the town's representatives to the RSU 16 School Committee, who extended invitations to council members to attend a Dec. 12 meeting with consultants hired to help the school district develop a strategic plan for the next five years.

The two noted that it is very important that town officials become involved in the strategic planning process.

The Dec. 12 meeting, intended to gather input from elected officials from Minot and Poland, as well as Mechanic Falls, is a warm-up for larger community meetings, scheduled to be held in each town during January. Mechanic Falls' community meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m., Jan. 9, place to be determined.

Town Manager John Hawley told the council that he had sent a letter to Androscoggin County Commissioners telling them that Mechanic Falls was agreeable to terms whereby the Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office would continue to handle all the town's 911 calls and serve as dispatch for the town's police and fire departments.

The town's total cost, set primarily on a per capita basis, would be slightly in excess of $32,000.

County commissioners had requested that towns let them know whether they want in on the offer to provide dispatch services by Nov. 21. Hawley noted that he has yet to hear back from county officials.

Hawley also reported that town code enforcement had come across a serious dumping violation on Riverside Drive. He said the person responsible for dumping a pickup load of materials down the river bank had been identified and the Department of Environmental Protection had been contacted.

In other business, the council accepted the resignation of Police officer James Avery, leaving for a position with the Lewiston Police Department, as well as the resignation of Derek Thebarge from the town Recreation Committee, and approved a signature stamp policy.

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Catherine Pressey's picture


So the town of Mechanic Falls was worried if the lights would bother the neighbors. hum! well I see not reason to worry about a few lights the town council and town Manager does not mind letting junk yards to operate within the town, when zoning clearly states otherwise. They were worried about the lights bothering the neighbors must be some special tax payors that were worried about the lights. Because in the good old boy town anything goes as long as the person or persons that it may either bother does not have the way withall to defend, one agaist junk yards that clearly bring down property values for anyone near the corner of Bucknam And Main Streets, now I know the guy that is operating the same, is just tring to make a living anyway he can. But he could rent a place where it is legal to operate. And I can not see why we the town should change Zoning for LED unless the town plans on enforcing the same. They clearly write this stuff down, pass it and blow off residents that do have issue with the lack of enforcement. Maybe the town should just do away with the Zoning all together and same a wee bit. Or enforce all the ordinances to protect all the tax payors. And their properties value, and piece of mind. Yep! My opinion. we can save a bundle to get rid or Zoning offices. And maybe police Department too!

Catherine Pressey's picture

Glad to Hear

Glad to read and hear that we here in Mechanic Falls are loosing officer James Avery, as far as I am concerned Lewiston can have him. Maybe while there he will be able to harrass more tax payors about blowing grass into the street. While he continues to leave vehicles parked for several months along the street. And the vehicle is partly on the pavment and has been a public safety issue for quite some time. As far as I know he has continued his patrol on this street, Bucknam that is. And has failed to notice the road hazard, and any other police officer has done the same. The small snow storm a few weeks ago the plow truck had to go around it. So to the City of Lewiston Good Luck. After all he got trained by the best. YEP!


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