Time for swindler to start paying back

A Norway woman who cheated taxpayers out of about $4 million in Medicare money is out of jail after about a year and a half.

This is after being originally sentenced to three and a half years behind bars.

Dawn Solomon is now on "supervised community confinement," which basically means she cannot leave town without permission of her parole officer.

Solomon admitted to over-billing, submitting false reports to the state for reimbursement through LINC, the Living Independence Network Corp.

Solomon was living large at taxpayers' expense, paying herself an average of $87,000 per month.

No, not per year — $87,000 per month — or more than $1 million per year on average.

Solomon has been ordered to find a job and start paying the money back.

We hope the court is more diligent about the reimbursement requirement than it was keeping Solomon behind bars.


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Amedeo Lauria's picture

Gee whiz I can't wait...

for the "affordable care act." We all know it will be anything but!

We're putting the federal government in charge of a large portion of what used to be handled by private enterprise.

Those who want to take advantage of the medical care system can't wait for it to be put in place.

Is there any doubt we will see more and more fraud, waste and abuse stories like this in the future; when are we going to wake up?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

They expect her to pay it

They expect her to pay it back?
If she made installment payments of $1000 a month ($12K per year) it would take her 333 years to pay back the $4million.
Ain't gonna happen. Next fantasy?.......

Catherine Pressey's picture

Editorial board

Well, so she should have to pay back the money she stole, from the tax payers while deer poachers do not have to pay back the cost of all the investigating that put them their. As for Dawn Solomon I say yes she should have to pay it back, now who is going to hire her. Can she open a new agency, only way she can find work is to work for herself. This is my opinion no one is going to want to hire her, she will not be welcomed to work with money in any case. She now has a life sentence and clearly should have been charged, but at what cost, how can we the tax payers get back all she has taken and all her trial cost. Yep!

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Our justice system

Our justice system is a joke. Who is going to hire this ex-con to make any where enough money to repay the money she stole from US? She was fortunate enough to live high on the hog for the years she was stealing from us, no she will be wallowing in the mud under the same hogs feet.

She found a way to rob thats better than bank robbery because she basically got no punishment for the crime.


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