Oh, shirt: Civic crashes into Auburn cleaner

Daniel Hartill/Sun Journal

This Honda Civic, driven by Lucienne Samson of Lewiston, crashed through the front of the Auburndale Cleaning Center II on Millett Drive in Auburn on Tuesday afternoon. The car ended up between a wall and a bank of washers, and Samson was not injured.

AUBURN — An 83-year-old woman said she was parking her 2010 Honda Civic on Tuesday when it went over a concrete curb and crashed into an laundry .

"I was going very slow," said Lucienne Samson of Lewiston. "I was going to stop. I took my foot off the accelerator and I put my foot on the brake and it went like 50 miles an hour. Zoom!"

At about 2:45 p.m, the car smashed through the front of the Auburndale Cleaning Center II in the Taylor Brook Mall Shopping Center on Millett Drive. The vehicle stopped when it became wedged beside a row of washing machines.

No one was hurt.

Missy Guay was standing nearby when the accident happened.

"She seemed to be slowing down and all of a sudden there was a squeal of tires," Guay said.

People in nearby shops heard the impact.

"I heard this boom," said Mike Flurry, whose wife operates New To You Consignments next door. "I knew immediately that's what happened."

Inside the laundry, worker Linda Wilson, was rolling a basket of sheets up an aisle when the car appeared.

"It was pretty scary," she said. "I was probably about 5 feet from her."

Real estate developer Kevin Fletcher, who owns the building, estimated the damage at more than $10,000. He said he would have to examine the building, looking for signs of structural damage, before he would have a better repair estimate.

Minutes after the crash, Samson insisted that she was unhurt and unshaken.

"I did not press that accelerator to the floor," she said. "I would have had to press that accelerator to the floor to go like that "

The Sun Journal examined the last 10 years of Samson's driving record and she has had no violations.

"I don't get into accidents," she said. "I couldn't stop it. There was nothing I could do. "


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 's picture

if she can't control her

if she can't control her vehicle, and can't claim responsibility, then maybe it's time to stop driving. she's lucky no one go hurt. wonder how she would have responded had her "uncontrollable car" struck a child.


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