Wilton house fire contained to one bedroom

Ann Bryant/Sun Journal

A fire was contained to the front second-floor bedroom of a home at 19 Jay Street in Wilton Wednesday morning.  The rest of the home received smoke and water damage, said Wilton Fire Chief Sonny Dunham.

WILTON —  An investigator from the State Fire Marshal's office was called to the scene of a Wednesday morning house fire at 19 Jay Street in Wilton.

Ann Bryant/Sun Journal

Firefighters throw out a mattress from a second story bedroom where they contained a fire Wednesday morning at 19 Jay Street in Wilton.

Ann Bryant/Sun Journal

Firefighters from five towns work on a house fire at 19 Jay Street in Wilton Wednesday morning. The fire was contained to the front second-floor bedroom. The rest of the house received smoke and water damage.

"We have some ideas, but we'll let [the investigator] make the call," Wilton Fire Chief Sonny Dunham said of the cause of the fire that started in the front second-floor bedroom. 

While flames were contained to that one bedroom, the whole home was damaged by smoke and water, Dunham said.

The home is owned by Anna Powers and Jane Roberts. Roberts was out of town, and Powers had taken her husband, John David Roberts, to work.  

When she got back to the house, Powers said she fell asleep in her truck in the driveway.

A family friend, Alicia Mitchell, arrived shortly before 10 a.m. and didn't see her in the truck.

She went into the house.  When she didn't find Powers in the living room, she started up the stairs. After a couple steps, she couldn't breathe because of the smoke, she said.  She dialed 911.

There are five dogs and several cats living at the property. The dogs were fine but Powers was not sure about the cats.

Dunham said firefighters found no cats in the house at that point.

About 25 firefighters from Jay, Livermore Falls, Farmington and East Dixfield helped Wilton Fire Department at the scene. NorthStar Ambulance and Wilton Police also arrived to help at the scene.


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FRANK EARLEY's picture

Something smells funny in this......

I just have a problem with someone driving someone to work, coming home, and falling asleep in the driveway. Then for someone to arrive at the house, not notice the home owner in the drive way, and enter the house. Making it almost to the second floor without noticing anything wrong seems strange. Also how did the "friend" get to the house? I'm assuming she either used the same driveway, or walked up the driveway past the vehicle parked there. Something just doesn't fit here.......


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