Maine mall sacks Santa after rudeness complaints


The Santa at the Maine Mall.

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A mall in Maine has sacked Santa Claus after children and parents complained he was rude, grumpy and wouldn't even let one child sit on his lap.

Officials at the Maine Mall in South Portland say they're looking for a jollier Santa and hope to have him in place Thursday.

Jessica Mailhiot and her 6-year-old daughter, Chantel, went to see Santa this week. They tell WGME-TV he was rude and wouldn't let the girl sit on his lap when they said they didn't want to buy a $20 photo.

Chantel says when she asked Santa for an American Girl doll, he replied she'd get an "American football."

When the mom posted her story online, others shared similar experiences.

The station contacted the Santa, but he didn't want to comment.

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Richard Begin's picture

Bad Santa

Was this Santa really Kramer from Seinfeld in disguise and wher was his sidekick Mickey?

Richard Begin's picture

Bad Santa

Was this Santa really Kramer from Seinfeld in disguise and wher was his sidekick Mickey?

Rufus Ham's picture

A mall in Maine has sacked Santa Claus

Hired him with no background check?
did the Mall believe he was/is the true Santa, so his reputation speaks for itself:))

Mitch Thomas's picture

Mall(s) needs to take some responsibly!

I wasn't there to see what really happened, so I don't know if Santa was having a bad day or not. However, it sounds to me like St. Nick was just enforcing Maine Mall's (and other retailers) policy of "no shoot, no sit" It's certainly the prerogative of the Mall or the scamming photographers (Santa's boss) to determine who gets to take advantage of the money-making gimmick (if that's what it is), but it shouldn't be left to him to have to be the bad guy (bearer of the bad rules). Hardly seems fair to throw Santa under the sleigh for somebody else's greedy old policy. Photos probably should be an OPTION, but if they are not, then post a big red and white sign and/or have the photographer or someone else at the gate do the dirty work. Let Santa be Santa by letting him allow ALL kids (who really don't care about anything else but telling him what they want for Christmas) to sit on his lap and whisper into his ear!

Mitch Thomas's picture

P.S. Note to WGME, S-J and all the other media outlets

WHY IS THIS EVEN IN THE NEWS? All of you should be a little ashamed. Someone got hired. He got fired for not being the right fit. He did nothing harmful or illegal. Why make it "news" and potentially ruin Christmas (permanently) for who knows how many wide-eyed and curious children in your viewing/reading area. Thankfully, you haven't revealed the poor guys real name (shhhhhh!). Hopefully, you won't. That would be a real disgrace!

GARY SAVARD's picture

The WGME version of the story

The WGME version of the story says that others shared similar experiences IN OTHER PLACES, and not necessarily at the Maine Mall. In this day and age, any Santa should demand a "Clause" in his contract that protects him from un-substantiated claims made by any of the hundreds of children and parents they will interact with during the season. There are two sides to every story. Free American Girl doll, compliments of the Mall, maybe? I still remember the miracle maggots in the Walmart chicken story.

Jason Theriault's picture


The statement released by the Maine mall references complaints. Plural.

I hope they didn't do it because of one bad complaint


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