C. Moore: Sent the wrong message

This is in response to the story, "No jail for deer poacher" (Nov. 29).

I am disgusted about the suspended sentence former Mechanic Falls police chief Everett Leonard received. The man faced four felony counts of trafficking in oxycodone, two counts of driving deer/trapping without a license — even exposing himself to cause alarm.

He was clearly out of control and considered himself above the law — as was proven when his sentence was suspended.

There are no excuses for him. He knew that what he was doing was illegal. Being sick wouldn't help anyone else convicted of crimes of that nature.

Shame on Justice MaryGay Kennedy. She sent an incredibly wrong message.

Carol Moore, Rangeley

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I meant "In the long run", not "rub". That erroneous word may be better used in the Zumba case...

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Totally agree, Carol

Leonard is guilty of too many charges for this sentence to make any sense. It's hard to fathom what went though Justice Kennedy's mind when she handed her decision down. Citing Leonard's failing health was her indirect way to validate her decision, and by doing so, she created a dangerous precident regarding future cases against defendants with any health issues present, and their lawyers who willexploit their client's health by citing this case as a means of of having sentences reduced. In the long rub, Justice Kennedy will rue this decision she handed down, and the can of worms she opened in the process of doing so.


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