J. Allen: Biased journalism

As a concerned member of the public and student of journalism, I feel obligated to comment on what has been completely biased coverage of a news story.

Throughout coverage of the Leonard poaching case, the Sun Journal constantly hammered on the “over 400 charges” filed against them. How many of these charges were presented with substantiated evidence and upheld in court-of-law? Nowhere near the 400 thrown at the wall.

In Dan Hartill's article covering Everett Leonard's sentencing, he reports that the investigator claimed, “accumulating money [for pill transactions] seemed to be the goal” and that he “saw no sign that the elder Leonard was charging his son out of a higher purpose.” The term “higher purpose” is non sequitur to the actual dialogue which transpired. In fact, when asked, the investigator admitted to having no knowledge of where any of the funds in question were going.

In your editorial Dec. 2,  Mr. Leonard was referred to as the “self-appointed ring leader of this little band ...”.  Throughout the investigation, was it ever discovered that Mr. Leonard had appointed himself “ringleader” of any “band”? Certainly not. These are your words, not Mr. Leonard's.

Moreover, what Sun Journal readers have been subjected to is commentary replacing substance. Do not forget that your job is to report. Prosecution is the job of the justice system.

Put down the rubber hammer you call a gavel. Pick up your pen, and deliver what readers deserve — news.

Jedidiah Allen, Buckfield

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Steve  Dosh's picture

J. Allen: Biased journalism

Jedidiah Allen 12.11.21 21:21 hst ?
You may be right , yet , can you name a single local un bias local news source that is shedding light ( not just heat ) on this story ?
http://www.twincitytimes.com perhaps ? How about http://www.la-mag.com ? Waterford's ' Mutiny Brook Times ' ? Have they weighed in on this issue ? How did your local Buckfield newsletter report this startling news ? On line ? Off line ? Word of mouth ? TV - Radio ? Telephone party lines ?
We are simply - a m a z e d - at how un - bias this newspaper is and has been over the past 7 years we have been reading it on line from here in Hawai'i
Don't kill the messenger just because you do not like the news (s)he bears
b t w - There are more journalists in jail right now than any time in history
ref : http://www.newseum.org/scripts/journalist/main.htm h t h /s , Steve . former ombudsman

Bob Woodbury's picture

Me thinks...

...Mr. Allen protests too much.


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