Bangor woman realizes cat she rescued was bobcat

BANGOR (AP) — Police in the Maine city of Bangor are warning people to be careful handling injured animals after a woman tried to rescue a cat that she had hit with her vehicle that turned out to be a bobcat.

Police say the female driver believed the cat was seriously injured or dead and placed it in her van just after midnight on Wednesday morning.

But while driving the cat became alert and she realized it was a bobcat.

The woman got out of the vehicle, followed by bobcat which went under the van.

Police used a catch pole to secure the animal until a game warden arrived and took control of the bobcat.

Police say to be careful handling injured animals and recommend calling an animal control officer or game warden.

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Bangor woman realizes cat she rescued was bobcat

lsj readers ® l o l 18:10 hst ?
" Man Bites Dog " There's a Jeff Foxworthy joke in here somewhere . .Here's your sign .. Bill Engvall . etc
" Honestly officer , i thought it was a pole cat , a wild cat , a feral kitty , er. .a cougar , lynx , a fox , or simply my long lost friend ƒluƒƒy . "
*<;-Q~ /s , Santa Steve , the keeper of Reindeer & lover of nature " Don't shoot , slednecks ! " †he Christmas bird count starts tomorrow (s e r i o u s l y ;)

Catherine Pressey's picture

Humor for sure:

I laughed when I read this and laughed more reading the comments, but Paul St Jean, no one said this Bob Cat was full grown and could have been a younger one making it appear much like any house cat just a bigger one. lol And if it were dark and according to the story it was after midnight, so in her defense dim light it may just have looked like a coon cat. But if I remember right Bob Cats are tailess, hum! so now we all should consider that, when we try to help a poor injured kitty, with the fluffy ears and no tail. LOL At least it was not a Mountain Lion like lots of people have been seeing in Maine, now that would truely be streaching the Kitty saving motorist.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

How does anyone mistake an

How does anyone mistake an animal bigger than many poodles for just an ordinary cat?

FRANK EARLEY's picture

It's the rear view mirror affect.

"Items sleeping on your back seat, appear smaller than they actually are in the mirror" "You will notice your mistake when it wakes up, hungry and mad"......

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

That warning appears only on

That warning appears only on the outside mirrors which in any vehicle I've ever owned don't allow access to what's going on in the back seat.
From what I've read about bobcats, they tend not to be aggressively hostile towards humans, but then again, if you hit one and then put him in your back seat, he's apt to wake up in ill humor.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

But officer, there really....

But officer, there really is a Bobcat chasing me around in the van. I wonder what the dispatcher thought when they received that call??????

JOANNE MOORE's picture


And I'm wondering what she used to clean the driver's seat.


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