Pit bull-wolf hybrid attacks child, mother in Livermore Falls

LIVERMORE FALLS — A 1-year-old boy and his mother face extensive surgery after being attacked by the family dog on Saturday.

The baby remained hospitalized Sunday evening.

Livermore Falls police officer Joe Sage was called to a Route 17 home for a reported dog bite incident Saturday morning. When he arrived, he found the child with severe facial injuries and bleeding heavily. The mother was also badly injured by the dog, a pit bull-wolf hybrid mix.

Both were taken to Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington by NorthStar EMS.

According to police, the dog had been locked in a room and quarantined the previous day by the town's animal control officer for undisclosed reasons.

Apparently the doorway of the room in which the dog had been barricaded was low enough for the child to peer over, according to an email sent by Livermore Falls police Lt. Thomas Gould.

The dog grabbed the child by the head, pulled him over the barricade and began to maul him, Gould stated.

When the parents ran to aid the child, the mother was also attacked. They were eventually able to lock the animal in the bathroom, Gould stated.

Animal control officer Susan Metzger came to the scene, as did a veterinarian, who euthanized the dog. The dog's remains will be tested in Augusta.

On Sunday, the child was still in surgery with severe facial damage, Gould said.

The baby’s mother, who had received stitches, is expected to undergo another round of reconstructive surgery to her arm, the lieutenant said.

There is no connection between this mauling and other pit bull-related attacks in the area, Gould said.

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Catherine Pressey's picture

Animal Control:

Maybe we need to control the persons that own these or any animal, those that can not understand the make up of the Mix to begin with, you are messing with things that are of what you can call the unknown. But known that Pits do not have the best of reputations, and then what Wolf-hybreds to the Mix. WOW! The mother just had to be, not thinking clearly here. This animal should not be in a home to many variables, and if animal control figured there was a problem, they should have acted the day before. Now the story said the animal was locked in a room, on what planet did the owners think that something short enough for a one year old to look over was, safe. Locked or quarantined, this animal will not injure one more person, and one to many at best. The parent may have been at fault, but the child paid a great price. No different than a mother owning several Guns and one assault wepon, all the while having a special needs or troubled son. Clearly a dangerous mix, much like the picture here. Others can and do get hurt because to the carelessness of the Adults, here, and now the Dog/hybred that man created, and left it laying around unlocked and unguarded. Sad for the Child, he will never forget this. WHAT WERE THEY THE PARENTS THINKING, BE FOR REAL. IN BOTH CASES. STUPID, STUPID STUPID, that is my opinion.

Kim Berry's picture

ok, conflicting info, confused now . . .

. . . I just read another story,
1 year old boy > > > same
grandmother > > > > mother
American Bulldog > > pitbull/wolf hybrid mix

Are these two sepperate incidences?
any clarification appreciated,

Kim Berry's picture


A baby gate is not meant to keep a dog who is questionable from mauling a child.
A baby gate is meant to keep a child away from the stairs or from entering a room you do not want them in.

I know ACO laws, the only reason an ACO would place a dog under quaranteen, would be if some one reported the owner as having this specific breed, and was placing the owner or home under either observation, or investigation, before making a decision on the safety or welfare of the public.

Guess it's too late now.
I am praying for the trauma these two have endured.
so sad

Pittbull Attack

What is wrong with these people anyway? Do they not understand that any breed of pitbull is extremely dangerous, especially around children. They should watch judge Judy more.

Allisa Milliard's picture

and what idiot crossbred a

and what idiot crossbred a wolf hybrid and a pit bull and thought it was a smart idea? are there anymore animals of this idiotic and dangerous mix out there? someone should look into that "breeder" and locate those animals to ensure safety.

Allisa Milliard's picture

1. wolf hybrids are not house

1. wolf hybrids are not house pets. they may be mostly domesticated dog, but they still have the "wild" in them. licensed hybrid breeders must first inspect a property, educate the new owners, and ensure that heath and safety measures are met before turning over the animal. they are typically kept in outdoor enclosures because they get bored quickly, are very territorial, and can get to be as big as a man. unfortunately, that is rarely the case because hybrids can bring in big dollars to wanna-be breeders.
2. the mother should have made sure that the child could not be reached by the dog. large dogs should be kept separate from small children because they "see" them as pups and will treat them as such, with pack mentality. a simple baby gate will not keep a full sized dog away from a child, it's only meant to deter babies from harm not keep dogs at bay.

though this is a case of stupid ownership, it is still a tragedy all the way around.

Wendi Ward's picture

This poor baby. Why was this

This poor baby. Why was this dog confined by animal control and not removed from the home the day before. If the dog did something that required being confined away from the family, it should have been removed.
This poor baby and mum will require so much to recover. My prayers and thoughts are with them.


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