Teen struck by hit-and-run driver

LEEDS — A 13-year-old girl shoveling snow on Church Hill Road on Monday was hit by a car and the driver took off, police said.

The Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the hit-and-run accident that occurred around 4:15 p.m. The girl was shoveling snow away from her family’s mailbox when she was struck by the car. The vehicle struck her and the mailbox and drove away.

She sustained non-life threatening injuries.

The vehicle is described as a blue Smart Car and was last seen driving west on Church Hill Road toward Turner. The vehicle should have some noticeable passenger side damage, the department said.

Anyone with any information about the crash is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Department at 753-2500. The crash is being investigated by Deputy Sheriff Travis Lovering.

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I live in turner, I've seen a

I live in turner, I've seen a blue smart car. I can't remember what house I saw it parked at though. I'll have to ask my son when he gets home from work. I remember him pointing it out because he said that is what he needs, because they get good gas mileage. I hope they catch this person! Glad the girl will be ok.


Should be easy find!

Story states that the vehicle was a blue Smart car. There can't be many blue Smart cars registered in Maine. Maine does not have a new Smart car dealer. Donavan Motors in Greene is probable the used card dealer who sells the most Smart cars in this area and has sold a few blue Smart cars. I would think that once the sheriff department checks the motor vehicle records they will narrow their search to just a few potential owners. Should be a relatively easy investigation. It is hard to believe that someone would knowingly strike a teenage with a vehicle and drive off. That is unless the guilty driver was probably unlicensed or intoxicated.

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Hit and Run Drivers

What is it with hit and run drivers? We still have no idea who it is that hit and killed my nephew back in October. Come on people we need to stop when we hit a person, animal or anything for that matter.


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