Grandmother, child doing well after dog bites

LIVERMORE FALLS — An 18-month-old boy is doing well and not expected to have any long-term difficulties from a dog bite Saturday, his grandmother Destiny Enman said Monday.

Malaki, the family pet of five years, was an American bulldog and husky mix. It was not a pitbull-wolf hybrid, Enman said.

Livermore Falls police and the town's animal control officer, Sue Metzger, are still investigating the case. They are working with the Androscoggin County District Attorney's Office on the matter, Livermore Falls police Chief Ernest Steward Jr. said Monday.

Enman explained what happened during the incident at her Route 17 home in order to clear up some facts that she says were not correctly reported by police to the Sun Journal.

Her grandson, of whom she has permanent custody, was walking out of his bedroom while the dog was walking up the hallway, she said. She heard crying and came running out of the nearby bathroom and saw the dog was on top of the child.

Enman said she grabbed the dog with her right hand and put her left hand in the dog’s mouth so he would bite her instead of her grandson.

She pushed the dog into the bathroom and shut him inside.

Family members scooped up the child and put pressure on the gash on the child’s head to stop the bleeding while another one called 911, she said.

The child was bitten on the top of the head by the animal, which produced a gash on top of from the dog’s upper teeth and one on his forehead just below the hairline from the lower teeth, she said.

The boy and his grandmother were taken by a NorthStar EMS ambulance to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston for stitches and treatment, Enman said.

Neither of them needed reconstructive surgery, she said.

Enman received eight stitches in one gash on her forearm and two stitches in the second gash, she said.

“They did put my grandson in surgery so it would be less traumatic, if he was sedated when he received stitches,” she said.

The doctor said he didn’t count how many stitches he put into the child to close the gashes, she said.

When Enman was released from hospital care, she went up to the operating room to be with her grandson.

Both were released from the hospital by 5:30 p.m.

“The surgeon said he looked great," she said. "Everything was going to heal up great, and there would be no long-term damage.”

The dog was euthanized and brought to the state to be tested for rabies.

The animal coroner called the family’s residence on Monday to tell them the dog was clear of rabies.

The dog was registered in Farmington, and was up-to-date on all his shots. The family had moved out of state and had just moved back to Livermore Falls, Enman said.

“The dog has no prior history," she said. "This was out of the clear blue.”

Her husband was bitten by a stray dog on Thursday. He brought the dog up on their porch to give him some food, she said. While the dog was eating, he attempted to pet the animal and it bit him.

Her husband was changing his bandage at the same time Malaki bit the child. She doesn’t know if that was what set her dog off, she said.

In the meantime, her grandson is doing excellent, she said.

“This kid is so resilient," Enman said. "He acts like nothing happened. He is not afraid of the other dogs.”

The family has three other dogs, she said.

“I feel horrible about what happened, because I never thought a family pet would do that.”

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Grandmother, child doing well after dog bites

all ,Tuesday 7 pm Hawai'ian time
We have tons of pit bulls here , too . They are nothing but bad news when it comes to being considered a " family pet . " Cockfighting , too . Hawai'ians use the dogs to hunt anf kill feral pigs . One might as well get a wolf , dingo , coyote or coy dog . .. , better yet , adopt a B I G cat Glad everyone survived to tell about it this time , Gram and Gramps . b t w - the annual Christmas Audubon bird count is going on , right now ! <- ƒree /s , Steve , lover of animals and wild life

Jeanne Boelsma's picture

SJ should get the facts straight

This updated article is quite different from the original article. The first article said the child was 1 year old, bitten by a pitbull-wolf cross, and mother, not grandmother bitten. It said the child was still hospitalized and mother facing reconstructive surgery. It also said the dog was under quarantine which was not true. SJ should get the facts straight before publishing a story.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Jeanne ? What exactly are

Jeanne ? What exactly are the facts in this criminal negligence case again ? /s Steve , Ombudsman •

Jeanne Boelsma's picture

How much negligence?

There is a huge difference in the two accounts as to any negligence on the part of the grandmother. In the first case, it says the dog was quarantined by Animal Control the day before, and it was behind a barricade short enough for a 1 year old to lean over and be pulled in by the supposed wolf-hybrid. If that were the case, a known-to-be aggressive wolf hybrid would have not been properly contained with a child having access to it, which would be a case of extreme negligence on the part of the grandmother. In the second account, a family dog who had no history of aggression aggression bit a child in the hallway. The dog was up to date on shots, and the grandmother had no reason to think that dog would bite the child. It is still a tragedy, but the grandmother was certainly not criminally negligent.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Story Straight

Makes no difference the grandmother, is acting in the place of a mother in this case. And as for the so called second story, a Husky and pitt Mix is still a bad combo. 18 months and 12 not alot of difference here. The bigger picture is what she said in the second story that she did not think that a family pet would hurt a family member, now Husky dogs are by their very nature not the best pets they have much of the instinct of a Wolf, and will kill other animals smaller than themselves. One of my neighbors had a Husky that killed eight of our ducks in the matter of three minutes, in a killing spree. So this Grandmother turned mother needs to do more reading about what dogs she thinks are safe around wee ones. And there are always a certain, clash between some dogs and some kids. I had a mut, part this and that, that absolutely hated my neighbors granddaughter. A dog that would never ever hackle up for any reason did when this kid was around. So anytime I saw company next door, (this was in the day before leash laws) I would make sure the dog was inside with me. So this grandmother needs to educate herself before she just thinks these different kinds of breeds or Mixes are not still wild. We may have tamed or made them domestic, but in the end they are still carrying genes of their ancestors. That is my opinion

Steve  Dosh's picture

† y v m Catherine , 19:00

† y v m Catherine , 19:00 hst Tuesday
The state of Hawai'i also has a leash law that covers the entire state : 100 % of it
Your dog , you say ? Your will be held liable for any damages , court costs , medical costs , ambulance , trauma and you will be served by the local animal control officer of the law , usually the local K9 officer ( not you , Catherine ! :)
No one is pressing charges , though , this time , it seems
Melé Kalikimaka from Pahoa, Hawai'i , home to feral dogs , cats , pigs , chickens , mongeese , children , Peter Pan , lost boys , etc .
/s, Santa Steve and ohana *<;-Q~

Catherine Pressey's picture

Excuse me Steve:

Your speaking out of you butt, maybe in HI you have real teeth in you laws, but I assure you that in Maine if a person has enough money to pay fines for a dog running at large, off from the premise of the owner. This state can only fine and fine again to a level fine with the owners not paying any mind to the reason for the fine. That is what the animal control officer stated, the owner can continue to allow the dangerous dog to un at large as long as he pays his fines. And of course the animal has not yet bitten, but in this case this animal did bite. My German Shep. was still with me when I babysat my grandson, she was great with the baby, but I never at one years or so would allow the to free access to each other without me being in the middle. They did not walk down any hall to meet. I understand nothing in this was criminal, just ignorant of the power in the beast. Or dog. respect that a dog may be bitten by a kid to start with. And then they will defend, that. just my opinion. One more thing this child was living with the grand mother, so she just figured the dogs would accept this wee one. Not always the way it works.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Excuse Me again Steve

In no place in my opinion did I say I was bringing charges I just a bit amazed that you say the K-9 officer (with the not you Catherine) where did that come from. It would seem that lots of the story was either wrong in the first article, like a different one, in the second. But NOT Catherine, if I had been the animal control officer I may have done things a bit different. In the first case. That is alll.


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