Dick’s Sporting Goods pulls rifles from stores

BANGOR — Dick’s Sporting Goods has pulled “modern sporting rifles” from its shelves in the wake of the school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

Dick’s has four locations in Maine: Bangor, Portland, Augusta and Topsham.

A statement posted on the company’s website said that “during this time of national mourning,” it had removed all guns from its store nearest to Newtown and “suspended the sale of modern sporting rifles in all of our stores chainwide.”

On Dec. 14, a gunman broke into the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown and killed 26 people, including 20 children between the ages of 6 and 7. His weapons were a .223-caliber Bushmaster assault rifle, and two handguns: a 9 mm Sig Sauer and a 10 mm Glock.

The statement from Dick’s did not specify how long the sale of modern sporting rifles would be suspended.

A manager at the Dick’s location in Bangor, when reached on the phone, would not confirm or comment on whether rifles were still for sale at its location at 641 Stillwater Ave. The manager referred all questions to the company’s media relations department. The manager of the Portland location also directed all inquiries to corporate headquarters.

A call and email to the media relations department at the company’s Pittsburgh headquarters were not returned as of late Tuesday afternoon.

Dick’s made the decision after reports that investigators were trying to determine if the suspect in the Newtown shooting attempted to purchase a weapon at its store in Danbury, Conn., which is about 12 miles away from Newtown, according to a TV station in Los Angeles.

“At this time, reports that the suspect visited one of our stores last week have not been confirmed by law enforcement,” Dick’s said in statement to KTLA 5. “Based on our records, we can confirm that no firearms were sold to the suspect identified in this case.”

Dick’s, which operates 511 stores in 44 states, isn’t the only major retailer to respond to the massacre in Newtown. On Monday, The Nation reported that Walmart had pulled from its shelves and website a Bushmaster assault rifle similar to the one used in Newtown.

In addition, Cerberus Capital Management, the hedge fund that owns the company that manufactured the Bushmaster assault rifle used in the shooting, on Tuesday said it would sell its investment in the company.

Bushmaster Firearms was originally a company based in Windham, Maine. Cerberus acquired the company in 2006 and bundled it with other firearm manufacturers under the umbrella of Freedom Group. Madison, N.C.-based Freedom Group closed the Bushmaster facility in Windham in early 2011, laying off its 73 employees, and moved the manufacturing to its other facilities.

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 's picture

So it's final. This guy was a

So it's final. This guy was a confirmed mental case that, surely, anyone could see was out to kill, because before he killed, he owned and one can assume he played video games . He took a photo that makes him look crazy. He destroyed a computer. He lived with his mother. He was " techy " when in high school. and there were guns in the house. And he was unemployed.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

So, when the next 30 car

So, when the next 30 car pileup occurs, GM, Chrysler and Ford should shut down their dealerships?

Jason Theriault's picture


So much fun to be had with this comment.....

First - So would you solution be to put more car on the road to prevent 30 car pileups? I guess that would work, since most pileups would then be 50-110 car pileups.

Secondly - Class A, B, and C licenses exist because no everyone has the training or ability to handle the more powerful commercial vehicles.

Third - There are some vehicles that are illegal to drive because they are too dangerous. So if a car was found to be causing too many problems, they take it off the road.

Bob Berry's picture

I get it, but...

I get that Dicks wants to be sensitive to this evil event. If that's what they truly meant, then Kudos to them.

But it's not the guns fault. It's Lanza's fault. Pulling the rifles makes it look like Dick's thinks it's the gun, not the person.

Gun sales are now through the roof in the wake a liberal frenzy to enhance gun control. I'd keep selling 'em. I'd just post a big sign out front reminding people that the FBI instant check process researches mental illness on EACH individual gun sale. Then I'd sell to sane people who just want to hunt, recreate, protect their families, and safe guard their country.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Anyone dumb enough to do what

Anyone dumb enough to do what Dick's is doing probably shouldn't be selling guns in the first place.

RONALD RIML's picture

"The Liberals are making us buy guns"


And we're also making you pull the triggers.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You, a liberal? Come

You, a liberal? Come on....the parrot sez you're a red blooded moderate.

Jason Theriault's picture


"Then I'd sell to sane people who just want to hunt, recreate, protect their families, and safe guard their country."

To people like Nancy Lanza?

Bob Berry's picture


That was a low blow to Mrs. Lanza. I'm sure Mrs. Lanza made all sorts of mistakes with her son, one of which was that there apparently was no gun safe. But assuming she is a law abiding citizen, her right to bear arms is protected and ought to be so.

Jason Theriault's picture


First off, I only pointed out that Mrs. Lanza passed the mental part of the back ground check. She got her firearms legally.

But as you pointed out, she made mistakes. I'm no expert on firearms, so I will not pretend to know what precautions she should have taken. But, here's my take. I think the NFA exemptions should be removed for anything with a removable magazine. Subject them all to Title II checks. Now, I know some states ban title II firearms, but maybe just call it title I or something.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You and Bob are overlooking

You and Bob are overlooking one important point. Mrs. Lanza was her son's first victim. May she rest in peace, also. She may have used poor judgement, but she committed no crime.

Jason Theriault's picture

Not overlooking it, I just don't know that I care much.

She reaped what she sowed.
She was one of these "Preppers" who think the world is going to end. And she obviously didn't secure her guns.And if gun owners were the only victims of gun crime, I wouldn't have an issue. But when your hobby gets peopled killed, it's time to take up tennis.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Another stellar example of

Another stellar example of left wing compassion.
So, if my wife and I get taken out by a burglar tonight because I failed to lock the door, we had it coming for being so stupid.
Nice to see you've got it figured out. You've done a great job of changing my opinion.....of you.

Jason Theriault's picture

Not the same

Note even close to the same.

She knew her son was not well, and she didn't secure her weapons. I'm not saying she was criminally responsible(I'm also not saying she isn't). But she did mess up, and paid a hefty price. But 25 others also paid for her mistake with their lives. So I don't feel bad for her.

Listen, the GOP needs to get on the regulation side of things, otherwise, you're going to lose big time. The democrats will beat you over the head with pictures of the kids all day, and I can guarantee that a majority will side with the dems. If the GOP doesn't cave on this, the democrats will remember, and come 2014, every speech given defending gun ownership will be in ads, which pictures of Newtown sprinkled in.

You have been warned.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I'm not a republican. I don't

I'm not a republican. I don't give diddly squat about what the GOP does or doesn't do.
"But 25 others also paid for her mistake with their lives."
That is absolute whale s****. 25 people paid with their lives for what her son (who murdered her) did to them. You're so emotionally wrapped up in this thing, you fail to see the bees for the honey.

Jason Theriault's picture

I disagree

While I will admit I am emotionally motivated in this(I have a son in kindergarten.) the events are connected. While he might have committed his murder spree without her guns, the fact of the matter is that he didn't. And maybe if he didn't have access to her guns, he would have had less firepower, and not been able to get into the school, or maybe even gotten caught before hand trying to purchase them. Her mistake made his crimes easier, therefore, she bears some of the responsibility.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

And I have 3 grandkids in

And I have 3 grandkids in elementary school and two in high school. We all have a dog in the hunt at one level or another, but, emotions are not always facts.
If a ifs and ands were pots and pans, we'd all be in show business.

 's picture

Kudos to Dicks and....Lanza's

Kudos to Dicks and....Lanza's mother knew he suffered from a mental illness......why in the world did she have guns in the house in the first place???? These guns should have been locked somewhere, securely, so that he never could have got to them!!!!!!!

Jim Cyr's picture

Why are we

politicizing Free Enterprise again ? No more Dick's for me !

 's picture


Companies are making a choice to be sensitive in the wake of a terrible tragedy. You'd probably be wise to do the same.

Nick Adams's picture

The problem most, not all,

The problem most, not all, people (including the most of the media) is they fail to mention this might not have ever happened if society was trained on proper gun safety for anyone who owns them (i.e. If a parent has guns in a house, you can teach your kids proper gun control and safety, but ensure the guns are locked up and ammo locked as well separate from each other. Then make sure the only ones who know where the keys are, are the parents). If this was done, we wouldn't even possibly be talking about Dick's Sporting Goods making a ban on selling "modern hunting rifles" in their stores.


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