Maine small businesses speak out on fiscal cliff

PORTLAND (AP) — Maine small business owners are speaking out about the ongoing negotiations in Washington over the so-called "fiscal cliff."

Members of the Maine Small Business Coalition are holding a media conference call Thursday to advocate for higher taxes on incomes above $250,000 and protection of Social Security and Medicare programs that the coalition says support small business owners and their customers.

The president and Republican congressional leaders are negotiating in Washington on a bipartisan deal to avert what has been labeled the fiscal cliff. Without an agreement, broad tax increases on nearly all taxpayers and budget-wide spending cuts will be triggered in early January.

The Maine Small Business Coalition represents more than 3,400 small business owners in Maine.

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 's picture

Maine Small Business Coalition?

Ok, sounds like a group of earnest business types, strugggling to make a buck in America's worst business environment. Let's look into this organization.

They say the represent 3,600 businesses. Can't locate the list on the web.

145 Lisbon Street happens to be the Lewiston address of the Maine People's Alliance, a far left organization that shills for socialist causes far and wide. Why do I think that the fine folks at MPA are involved, in a big way, with the "Maine Small Business Coalition?"

In an earlier encounter in Augusta, a Mr. Libby represented the "Maine Small Business Coalition". Nate Libby, newly minted legislator and current Lewiston city councilor, is employed by the MPA as a "canvass" person.

Of course, if one reads the media accounts, you envision this bastion of capitalism that is suddenly in favor of taxing the pants of successful business people. No disclosure, no use of the word "virulent leftist" to describe the "coalition."

It would be great if the media gave some texture to some of this moonbattery.

 's picture

Wake up people Sandra has the

Wake up people Sandra has the right idea, just common sense.

Amedeo Lauria's picture

The average responsible taxpayer in America understands...

that you cannot tax or borrow your way to prosperity. Sending MORE money to Washington and Augusta will NOT help the jobless rate America, evidenced by the trillions of dollars spent thus far, the government getting out of the way of private enterprise will!

Unfortunately there are fewer and fewer of us who understand this...less than 50% now...

The only result of sending more money will be higher salaries and more benefits for the politicians and those they must pander to if they want to remain in office.

If we ran our personal finances like this, we would all be bankrupt...oh wait...a bunch of us ARE and now they want the government to redistribute wealth to cover their excesses!

Good Grief!

Sandra Coulombe's picture

Good for them. Only the

Good for them. Only the intellectually challenged would believe you can expand medicare, start two wars, and cut taxes all at the same time without causing the nation to go from surplus budget that should have been being used to pay down what debt we had then to the astronomical debt that we have now. It will take both increased revenue and intelligent spending cuts to even start to get things under control. Honestly it is well past time for those "temporary" tax cuts to end. It is also time for investment income to be taxed at the same rate earned income is taxed.
Don't be fooled by the "job creator" mantra. The only thing that creates jobs is demand for goods and services. No rich guy is going to go "oh let me hire a few people just because I can" if there is no demand for the goods or services those new hires would be offering.
To that end we need our manufacturing base back. The politicians moaned and groaned about trade deficits for years until they finally fooled people into supporting these so called free trade agreements and preferred trading partners. The end result of removing tariffs, the outsourcing of our manufacturing jobs. Has it done one good thing for the average American? Well you can now go to Walmart and buy a bunch of cheap Chinese junk but good luck finding anything worth buying. Of course the cheap toxic junk coming from China is all we can afford to buy now.
Bring back the tariffs they have two benefits for the nation. First they are revenue for the federal government for that matter they were with the founding of the nation the only source of revenue for the federal government. Secondly they level the playing field for American manufacturing companies so they can operate here and create those jobs we so desperately need which again raises even more revenue for the federal government in the form or both new business and personal income taxes.

Jim Cyr's picture

Higher TAXES

on incomes above $250,000. ? And what will punishing success accomplish ? We have a SPENDING problem not a revenue problem ! How many small business owners are there in Maine ?


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