Student's Santa suit causes stir at Turner school

TURNER — Leavitt Area High School let a student attend classes in a Santa suit Thursday, but administrators drew the line at his fake beard.

The student showed up for school in full Santa regalia on the last full day of classes before winter vacation. Superintendent Henry Aliberti Jr. said administrators allowed the boy to stay in costume but required him to remove the beard and mustache because they concealed his face and made him unrecognizable.

"Certainly, given the times that we're in, we don't allow kids to wear ski masks or Halloween-type masks or the Lone Ranger masks into school," Aliberti said.

The situation — and rumors about it — caused a stir at the school. By lunch, students were posting comments on Twitter.

"(W)hy can't there be a santa omg leavitt overreacts wAAAAY to much," one student wrote.

Some thought the boy had been told to remove his full suit and they called that unfair. Others thought classmates were making too much of the incident.

"Leavitt people are being soo immature today about a dumb Santa suit," another student wrote.

Aliberti said students can be prohibited from wearing items that disrupt learning. The Santa suit could have fallen into that category, but administrators opted to let the boy keep it on. 

"Actually, I felt the principal was kind of generous in doing that," Aliberti said.

He said the boy removed the beard when asked.

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 's picture

santa claus

1."they made him remove the beard as they didn't know who he was".WHAAAA?
they knew exactly who he was and i'll bet there weren't more than 3 or 4 dozen kids dressed as santa that day. yes, i know the reason for the rule but in a case like this and when it posed no threat not to be flexible enough to suspend the rule for one student for one day speaks to a system too rigid to work well or to change and improve.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Why is this even a story?

Why is this even a story?

 's picture

Santa Suit

My goodness sakes, they knew who this guy was, what is their problem anyway?

GARY SAVARD's picture

Rules are rules but it is sad

Rules are rules but it is sad that we as a society have lost the ability to apply common sense to different situations as they arise. This is especially true in schools and government. The bottom line is that people, especially children, not only miss out on some of life's simple pleasures, but also on the chance to learn how to apply common sense, which is a trait that that can priceless throughout a person's lifetime.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Can't be to carefull....

Did anyone else notice, the kids texting was all about the actions of the administration, not the suit itself. They created their own problem....


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