Head of Maine gun group calls for guns in schools

YARMOUTH (AP) — The president of the Maine Gun Owners Association says teachers with firearms training should be allowed to carry guns following the Connecticut shooting in which 20 elementary school children were killed.

Jeff Weinstein said Thursday that concealed weapons permit holders should be allowed to carry guns in schools and other "gun-free zones," and that schools should recruit teachers who'd be willing to be trained to carry a weapon. He said "the best and only protection you have from the bad guy's gun is your gun."

Weinstein also called for re-evaluation of care for mentally ill people who are potentially violent.

Legislative leaders are conferring about whether to create a task force or take other action to examine gun violence, school safety and the treatment of mentally ill people.

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 's picture

Alternative to NRA proposal

I haven't found any mention here to the alternative proposed in response to the NRA proposal -- put a teacher in every gun shop.

Mark Elliott's picture

Let's re-read what was said

Let's re-read what was said in the story:

"concealed weapons permit holders should be allowed to carry guns in schools and other "gun-free zones,"

"schools should recruit teachers who'd be willing to be trained to carry a weapon."

This means, those faculty members that ALLREADY carry outside of work should be allowed to carry at work. Nobody is suggesting requiring anyone to do anything they don't want to!

Proper training isn't open only to police officers. There are MANY private citizens with similar training.......don't underestimate the number of treachers that ALLREADY have their CCW and their training.

 's picture

guns !!

and i didn't even think of that. if teachers all have guns, where will they keep them? in their unlocked desk drawers - in their purse. they'll have to be locked up and i don't think most loonies are going to wait for you to (now where did i put that key) unlock the drawer, take the safety off, check the clip, put a round in the chamber - hmmmm. or will we just leave it on the desktop loaded with the safety off and show the kids how to use it on recess.

 's picture

guns in schools

those who espouse guns and misinterpret the second amendment think guns are the answer to everything. a non-violent person with a gun is still going to try to work things out with a threatening person before they'll pull the trigger on them. so, now you've given the loonie one more gun. great idea. unless a person is trained to kill as soldiers and assassins have been, most people's first thought is not going to be to pull the trigger and, by then, it's too late. most people have had "thou shall not kill" ingrained in them for a lifetime and so, will hesitate. it's a great fantasy that gun owners hold that in a situation like last week that "they" would have just blown that loonie away but truthfully, no matter how much training you gave the secretary that buzzes people in to the building, can you realistically see your friend's mom whipping out her glock and pumping six slugs into the intruder. get real !!!

JOHN PAINTER's picture

I'm an avid hunter, have been

I'm an avid hunter, have been teaching my son safety and hunting skills and believe strongly in the Second Amendment, but I don't see the wisdom of putting guns in schools and expecting teachers (even those with defensive training) to also be police. This is a situation where I think there is much more prevention that can be done, and a lot of introspection as a society we should do.

For example, Weinstein is correct that Maine like the rest of the nation needs to address the lack of structure in our mental health system. We also have reason to be concerned that NICS and Maine are not adequately doing their job, and we should question the wisdom of private gun sales especially without NICS checks or even residency verification. We also do not teach gun safety (despite the NRA having an excellent program) with the vigor we could. We are a gun owning society, but our sense of responsibility for ourselves and too each other has not caught up with our assumptions of liberty.



Somebody's definition of insanity is to keep doing over and over what's not working. We already have enough guns in circulation in this country to arm nearly every man woman and child and every attempt to regulate them has been thwarted one way or another by the gun lobby. What we get to live with as a result is a series of massacres at political rallies, in movie theatres, colleges, schools, post offices, malls, private homes, coffee shops etc etc. Maybe it's time to admit that regulating guns is not the same as taking away guns and to try another way. As for guns in school, there is no way to avoid it now. Hopefully they will be in the hands of trained police officers who are less likely to leave them laying around, or shoot students in a crossfire. The tax payer will take the hit to fund them and I fullly expect the money will come out of the funds used for educational purposes. I think it is worth mentioning that the purpose of school is learning to read and write not to duck and cover. If we expect students to be able to learn anything they need to feel safe in school.

 's picture

no Claire, the definition of

no Claire, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If you keep creating more and more "gun-free" zones why would you expect the results to be different? If banning guns and ammo and making them illegal would result in no guns for the public why haven't we tried that with heroin, cocaine and meth? How about making it illegal to drive drunk? Maybe if we stopped medicating 6 year old boys into becoming compliant zombies and let them act like children this may not happen. Or instutionalize crazy people, but that would go against the consent decree from the 1990's(?) that mainstreamed lunatics. One person's gun free zone is another person's target rich environment. Did you hear about the person in a mall in Oregon a few days after Newtown? A good person with a gun stopped a crazy person with a gun. It happens all the time and is never reported since it doesn't fit the agenda. Go get trained, you may like.

Kevin Anderson's picture

Re: Insanity

I agree, The only people I think are qualified to handle this responsibility are police officers. I think its the only way as a parent I would feel safe with Guns in the School. Side not here : Even prison guards don't carry guns inside the prison, and for good reason. Also I would love to hear what the police department here in L/A would say about this.

Mark Elliott's picture

Now you're comapring our

Now you're comapring our school children to prisoners??

Kevin Anderson's picture

Guns in School.

They can't be serious. Arming teachers is the worst possible way to deal with the safety of our children in school. Its an accident waiting to happen. A teacher with a bad day or that has a mental break down is an extreme liability. Murphy's Law would be in full effect here. On top of that can you imagine what the increase in insurance costs will be for the school system if you allow something like that to happen, and who do you think is going to pay for that ? The Tax Payers that's who.

I respect teacher for what they do , I have family that are teachers, one of them is in special education , but what in the world qualifies them to carry fire arms around our children, they are not Police officers who have extensive training in tactical response. Some may be Ex or active military in one form or another but that still doesn't qualify them. This is our children we are talking about not Air port security. As a Father of 4 children with 3 of them in the school system, I for one will pull them out of school if this happens. Arming teachers is an unacceptable and irresponsible solution for this issue. And those that would even consider passing something like this into law need to have their brains examined and their jobs removed, Use some commonsense for once people.

Listen I personally don't like guns, but that being said I don't disagree with your right under the 2nd amendment to carry them. Our rights as Americans come with the responsibility to not abuse them. The only problem is that we cannot allow those that own guns and those that want to see teacher carry in schools the opportunity to abuse this right. The price for that is to high.

ERNEST LABBE's picture


Ask a few cops what they think of the idea of arming some if not all teachers. Their answer might surprise you.

RONALD RIML's picture

This retired cop believes arming teachers a bad idea.

They already have enough on their plate.

 's picture

What did they...

...tell you?

AL PELLETIER's picture

I don't buy it, Jeff

Ever heard of the phrase, "Going Postal"? Teachers could snap just as easily as post office workers.
Most teachers who have chimed in on this issue have stated that their calling is to teach and not to police.
In another post I stated that we have an immense untapped pool of well trained Americans who need little to no training to be school armed security guards. They do not require a big paycheck, health insurance, a 401K and paid vacations. They know how to react in dangerous situations and are willing to die to save the life of another.
They would be willing to work 4 hour split shifts , 5 days a week and take 3 months off in the summer. Their one and only task would be to protect there post from armed intruders. This untapped pool consists of retired military veterans.

ERNEST LABBE's picture


Al while i agree with the Vet's doing armed school duty, the going postal teacher would face the same problem as any other mentally ill person that entered the school with the intent of doing harm. While the teachers job is to teach and not police I would look at it as self preservation. How many teachers were killed in Newtown?


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