Unofficial results show Mason winner in Maine's Senate District 17 race

LEWISTON — First-term Republican state Sen. Garrett Mason appears to have fended off his Democratic challenger by 33 votes, winning a second term in the Maine Senate.

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State Sen. Garrett Mason, R-Lisbon Falls

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Colleen Quint

Unofficial results had Quint leading by 77 votes early Wednesday morning, but Wales' Deputy Clerk Sharon Siegel confirmed Thursday that Mason won the town with 457 votes to Quint's 329.

A typographical error in the transcription of the results gave the win to Quint.

What was most stunning, Siegel said, was that 63 Wales voters left their ballots blank on that race.

"It's not the first time we've heard that (it came down to Wales)," Siegel said. 

While Mason was claiming victory, Quint said she had asked for a recount.

She said out of more than 19,000 votes cast, the margin for Mason was less than two-tenths of 1 percent. "So, an incredibly small margin, but that's the count," Quint said. "So we have asked for a recount."

Some news reports, including a brief report in the Sun Journal on Thursday, showed Quint as the winner.

Mason said he went to bed early Wednesday morning thinking he had lost the race.

"So it feels pretty good and it just really shows how every single vote really counts," he said Thursday.

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Mason victory

Good luck in the recount Collen+ thanks for your hard fought battle!

Richard Begin's picture

garrett Mason

In response to your Question Joe Flanders Welcome to the World of Bed Room Communities and their Antiquaited Voting Tabulation system.

This was probally the Most heavily contested Race in the State. Both Mr Mason and Ms Quint really Ran Outstanding Campaigns, This is what can make Campaign particapation so rewarding regardless of which side one may be on.

I fully Expected John Cleveland would defeat Lois Snowe Mello, because John is a Likeable Guy, Unfortunately Lois can be a Bit to intense.

The Democrats really did their work well and unfortunately the Republicans had a Poorly defined message and virtually no grond Game for their House and Senate Candidates.

I am a Republican but I know that I think differently than my Peers. I supported a yes Vote one Question one why not it makes all the Sense in the World.

Having been an Iniatial Supporter of Governor Lepage I began to change my thinking slightly when it became apparent that Here was a Guy who simply did not understand the Value of Loyalty.

Paul Lepage was AWOL when it came to supporting those who willingly laid down their Political lives for Him.Paul Lepage also could not keep his Mouth Shut.

But the Final Straw for me was when he made it clear that he would not go out and Stump for his embattled candidates.

The Sun Journal did an Oustanding Job in Providing World Class Coverage throughout this Election. Thanks to them and Willow's Neptune

Mark Elliott's picture

The votes have been certified

The votes have been certified now with Mason at a 113 vote lead.....!!

Joe Flanders's picture

How can this happen. Someone

How can this happen. Someone explain to me and the other voters in this Ditrict how a Town Clerk can make such a egregious error on such an important form. This is exactly how people get the feeling that elections are crooked.

Amedeo Lauria's picture

Always good to verify...

both machines and humans make mistakes, for various reasons...some good...some not so good. Always helps to verify what comes out.

Trust but verify is the only prudent thing to do in things this important.

Randall Greenwood's picture

Was not an error from the Town of Wales

The error was not on the part of the Town of Wales. The article should take responsibility for the error on the part of the Sun Journal...


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