Loaded gun abandoned at bathroom in Ellsworth L.L.Bean

ELLSWORTH, Maine — Police in Ellsworth are looking for the owner of a 9mm handgun that was left loaded in a bathroom at the L.L.Bean Outlet on High Street.

A store employee called police around 11:20 a.m. Wednesday to report the gun had been found, said Ellsworth Police Chief John DeLeo. He said the gun was a 9mm Walther pistol, loaded with one bullet in the chamber.

DeLeo said a potentially dangerous situation was defused when the employee turned the gun over to police. A loaded gun abandoned in a place where anyone may have grabbed it could have been disastrous.

“If they have a concealed carry permit, they obviously have a right to carry the gun,” DeLeo said. “But when you leave it in the restroom available to the public, I mean, a child could have gone in there and found it.”

The chief said police hope the gun’s owner comes forward to claim his firearm, but said the man or woman may face a charge of reckless conduct.

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With all those baby boomers and seniors loading up on weapons so they can be protecting their rights just at the time when dementia will be coming on for many of them, I think we can expect to read many of these stories in the future. Add to that the paranoia and delusions that come with Alzheimer's and the fun has just begun. It will be even more interesting when something like this happens in one of those "protected" schools. I have personal knowledge of a family that had to disarm a dementia riddled relative. If you think taking away the car keys from someone who is no longer responsible is tough, you should try taking away the weapons. So if Dad or Grandpa are building up their arsenal, you may want to plan ahead.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Loaded gun abandoned at bathroom in Ellsworth L.L.Bean

all 12.26.12 18:22 ?
It belonged to Santa Claus ? He was going to return it to the rightful owner . The serial number ? Yeah, that guy •  h t h *<;-Q~

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Perhaps Santa heard too much

Perhaps Santa heard too much about the war on Christmas and decided to arm himself. Moreover, all that milk and cookies produced a resolute and unyielding need to visit the restroom where Santa got complacent with his firearm - Ho Ho Ho, got to go....

Jeanne Boelsma's picture

Easily traceable?

If this is a gun legally owned and owner has a concealed weapon permit, it should be registered and therefore traceable by the police. Simple detective work. If it is unregistered, they will have to work a little harder.

Andrew Jones's picture

A concealed firearms permit

A concealed firearms permit has absolutely no ties to any particular gun aside from granting permission to carry it or any other firearm concealed.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

In my opinion, the reasoning

In my opinion, the reasoning skills demonstrated herein by the anti-gun crowd posting comments speaks volumes sadly to say.

Mark Elliott's picture

aaaaand the gun grabbers use

aaaaand the gun grabbers use this in 3........2........1........


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