B. Cyr: Trailer trucks make street dangerous

I am at my wits' end and don't know what else to do but write this letter to draw someone's attention to the issue.

I live on a quiet little side street in Auburn where lots of children live and play but which trailer trucks use as a through-way instead of the main road (Rodman Road).

I have counted eight in one day. My husband and I have called the Auburn Police Department several times and nothing is being done to stop it. We even called Auburn city officials and had our little side street posted at both ends. Still the huge trailer trucks come down our little section of Poliquin Avenue.

What will it take, a child getting hit, a car parked on the street getting hit?

I am ready to go outside and stand in the middle of my street and not let the trailer trucks go by to avoid something else happening.

Brenda Cyr, Auburn

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

Call The trucking company....

I'm sure if you let the dispatchers know of your concerns they will listen. I have had experience with driving trucks in quiet neighborhoods in Maine. One town i n particular was tricky, I won't mention the name but it begins with "G", and is just south of Augusta. Unfortunately, the people who build warehouses and trucking companies seem to enjoy putting them at the opposite side of town from interstates. Over the course of three years or so of making up to five trips per day to this small town, I had to constantly change my rout to make someone happy, I tried, but I think some were still mad but there wasn't much I could do.
I think the problem with Heart, is the construction on Hotel Rd. last summer. A lot of those drivers are from out of this area, and dispatch probably had to make adjustments to their directions to get into the yard around the construction. Your road was probably one of the last changes made before the construction finished up. Believe me, when your pulling a fifty three foot long trailer, you stay on the routs that work, it can be very habit forming. They just need to be instructed to resume the original rout, using Hotel Rd. or Rodman Rd. Good luck.....

David  Cote's picture

Contact your district selectman...

Invite him to a visit to your home during a time you know when the trucks pass by your house. Be VERY adament with him and don't let him leave without a pledge from him that he'll look into the matter. Then find out how he intends to do that. Get specifics and follow up as much as you need to. And talk to the folks at Harrt Trans. They're good people who will listen to your concerns.

 's picture

Have you

tried calling the company who happens to won those trucks. Hart Transportation is right next door to you on Hotel Rd. If it is their drivers, I'm sure if you had a conversation with either the dispatcher or manager, voicing your concern, something could be done to stop those drivers from using your street. Especially if it is posted "NO THROUGH TRUCKS". Unless it is posted, I do believe the police can only ask that they stop, nothing else.


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