Man dies after stabbing on Elm Street in Bangor

Kevin Bennett/Bangor Daily News

Bangor Police Detective Larry Morrill collects blood evidence from the deck and door of 80 Elm Street in Bangor on Saturday. A man has died after a reported stabbing at the residence.

BANGOR — Police responded to 80 Elm Street Saturday morning after receiving a report that a man had been stabbed. Officers identified a man at the residence who was injured but did not immediately release his name or age.

The stabbing occurred about 2:30 a.m., Bangor police Sgt. Paul Edwards said. City police officers were sent to the scene after receiving a report of a stabbing. The residence is a two-unit apartment building.

The victim was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, where he died late Saturday morning, Edwards said.

The Bangor Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division and Evidence Response Team are investigating the incident. Edwards said that an autopsy will be done by the Office of the State Medical Examiner, which will confirm the victim’s identity and determine the cause and manner of death.

The people involved in the incident have been identified and know each other, Edwards said.

“This incident was not a random act and there is no threat to the public,” he said.

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 's picture

Man Lewiston is such.... what

Man Lewiston is such.... what a minute this didn't happen in Lewiston. I mean all I hear about is how bad of a place Lewiston is, yet all I see is stabbings and shootings continuing in other Maine cities. Which have resulted in deaths, see this one and the current incident in Biddeford. Just goes to show that the derogatory terms used for Lewiston, Dirty Lew and "Armpit of Maine" are unwarranted despite people's ignorant views towards the city.

On a side note, hopefully the individual who did this gets their full sentence and not 5-10 years like they are probably going to get.

 's picture

another stabbing in bangor.

another stabbing in bangor. is that still considered news?


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