E. Walworth: Learning about fear, trepidation

When I was a young boy in school learning the three R's (reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic), we had atomic bomb drills: we crouched beneath stairwells or our desks. Not great protection from such a bomb, but since the drills happened only occasionally and since the threat of nuclear war was an unfathomable abstraction, my classmates and I for the most part emerged healthy and emotionally unscathed.

Now we are at a time where our schools conduct lockdown drills. The NRA would rather have our children learn about Rugers, Rottweils, and Remingtons and have armed guards in the hallways. What would happen to teaching and what would our children learn? Maybe fear and trepidation on a daily basis. And just how would this all be funded? Well, let's just cut phys ed or art and music.

The unrelenting paranoia spouted by the NRA is unhealthy and unhelpful. The Second Amendment is not unconditional.

Let's turn the tide and lessen the sorry toll from gunfire in our malls and homes and schools.

Edward Walworth, Lewiston

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Violent, insensitive, paranoid fellow.

A few days ago, someone posted this quote on Facebook and the nanny censors there promptly canceled the account. It seems the 1st amendment doesn't apply when commenting on the 2nd.

Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.
- Mahatma Gandhi

To cut them some slack, they likely got their panties in a twist over the word 'blackest'. How racist.

I fail to see how this relates to Ed's comment.

However, do we know the whole story .... what the FB conversation was about? More so ..... why was it removed? Maybe racist, maybe not.


It relates to Ed's mention of ...

... the NRA's "unrelenting paranoia" and the likelihood that Facebook's paranoia is no less unrelenting. Anyhow, the whole story is here. Make of it what you will.

Let's remember, however, that Facebook is a private, for-profit company and can run its website in any legal way it sees fit. The amendments enumerate things the federal government cannot do to entities like FB and the rest of us, who should all be increasingly paranoid about this administration's increasing tendency to ignore the Constitution when it's convenient.

The latest example is Obama's royal decree of a pay increase for most federal employees while steering the wagon of state over the cliff. In the cases of Biden and Congress, it sure as Hell is not a merit increase.

MARK GRAVE's picture

You will not eliminate guns;

You will not eliminate guns; therefore, you will never eliminate gun violence. Freedom does have a price.

AL PELLETIER's picture


Lesson the availability of guns which might lesson gun violence. Freedom does have a price, but we shouldn't pay that price with the lives of our children.


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