T. Hanood: Saving on 'rounds' of staff

Congress is supposed to be finding ways to cut the budget. Well, I found one way.

I just read the article about Angus King selecting his new staff (Dec.21), and his list went on and on naming people. The next sentence said that this was just his "first" round.

Well, how many people does it take for a senator to do his/her job?

If every senator has a staff like this, I think we could save millions of dollars easily by axing a few positions.

Now, really?

Thea Hanood, Buckfield and Clifton Forge, Va.

What do you think of this story?

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Would you have expected

Would you have expected anything less from Angus King, the "moderate"?

ERNEST LABBE's picture


Do the words political hack come to mind? Rest assured every senator and congress member has a staff at least that size.


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