J. Mailey: Turnpike tolls are unfair

The new Turnpike tolls have not only radically increased recently, but are also extremely unfair to many users.

For me, a round trip to and from work (exit 75 to Exit 46) will cost me a total of $4.40 per day with the EZPass. However, if I lived in Wells (about the same road miles) then I would only pay $2.50.

Why must I pay $2.20 at the New Gloucester barrier toll while those in southern Maine have no barrier toll?

Some years ago a suggestion was made to build a barrier toll in the Scarborough area for this reason, but it was defeated by the local residents who said it would be unfair.

It is also my understanding that the Maine Turnpike Authority will now turn over to the state DOT a percentage of its gross income for state road work. This is nothing but a back door tax pushed by the Republican-led Legislature last session. If this is correct, then turnpike users are getting unfairly taxed.

The MTA has also done away with the commuter discount plan, replacing it instead with a discount after 39 trips per month; if you don’t make 39 trips then you get no discount. Most people who use the EZPass are working folks who commute for work and could use the commuter discount regardless of trips.

Turnpike users should contact their legislators. We need a system that is fair for all, regardless of where on the Turnpike you travel.

Joe Mailey, Auburn

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ERNEST LABBE's picture

Joe you failed

Joe you failed that you can get on at mile 75 and drive to the Sabattus or Auburn exits for free. If the guy in Wells get on and heads in either direction he is paying all the time.

 's picture

Not my failure - look at Mr Mailey's complaint

Mr Mailey complained that his commute to an exit in the Portland area was costing him more now than previously. I simply suggested he try what so many other commuters to Portland have done and bypass exit 75 to enter the turnpike in Gray. This would indeed result in a cost savings with regards to tolls.

I'm hopeful that Mr Mailey and everyone else knows we can go from exit 75 to exit 86 toll free in the L/A area. But that was not part of this discussion.

 's picture

Reduce the cost by driving to Gray to get on the pike

Do what so many do and drive down Rt. 100 to get on the pike at Gray. That will save you a lot and it's not much slower than the pike over that distance.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

You are in control, and the

You are in control, and the solution is easy; don’t drive the Turnpike to withhold your money.


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