R. Grover: Offenders should pay costs

Regarding your Dec. 27 editorial and Sgt. Michael Edes’ rebuttal, in my opinion there is one very easy way to put an end to abuse and discrimination of subordinates by Maine state workers.

When an employee of the state is found guilty of unlawfully harassing, abusing or discriminating against a subordinate employee, require that the person doing the abusing pay all fines and court expenses resulting from any lawsuits arising from the abuse.

Further, if any state employee is found guilty of any such offenses, that employee should be immediately terminated without pay.

It is the offender, not the state taxpayer who should pay for criminal behavior.

Richard Grover, Mason Township

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MARK GRAVEL's picture

I don't agree. People will

I don't agree. People will still go after those with the deepest pockets, which is the state in this case. It is all about the money at that point; the payola.

AL PELLETIER's picture

As usual Mark

You bring nothing but negativity to the table.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

If that is how you feel, why

If that is how you feel, why are you seated at the table?

Moreover, I addressed the main premise of the argument; that is, hold people accountable and victims will not sue the state. That premise is not necessarily true.

Metaphorically, that is bringing steak and potatoes with a side salad to the table compared to your bag of potato chips that does not address the main theme whatsoever.


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