King to appear on national news shows

LEWISTON — Maine's newest U.S. senator is poised to make a national splash this week as he appears on two of the country's most watched television news and politics shows.

U.S. Sen.-elect Angus King, I-Maine. King will be sworn into office Thursday and begins his career with appearances on two national news and politics shows.

Independent Angus King, a former Maine governor, will be sworn in to the U.S. Senate on Thursday. He will appear on "NBC Nightly News" in an interview with Tom Brokaw at 6:30 p.m. that same day. Some of that interview was shot in Maine over the New Year holiday.

On Sunday, King will appear live on NBC's "Meet the Press," which airs at 9 a.m.

King's staff confirmed the appearances on his Facebook page.

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David Marsters's picture

Amedio comment.

Amedeo your are right about the King man. Another millionaire to tell us what to do.

Richard Begin's picture

Hail Hail the New Member of the Senate


My Goodness you are really Infected with a Double Dose of Vitriol. It seems as though You've been really Wounded by the 'Wind' Idea.

Now I for One find nothing to Complain about as far as the implimentation of the Wind Turbines.

That Said Ms Moore you seem to be consumed by this Issue. Now Joanne you stated that you have debated Angus King prior to this discussion.

What Confounds me is where were all of those who agreed with your protest's During the Election ?

I really thought that Folks who Believed what you Believe would Mobilize into Groups and Show up in Record Numbers to vote your Conscience pn Elestion Day

Joanne are you a member of the political Action Group known as 'The Friends of the Maine Mountains? If you Feared My Friend Angus so Much then why did you fail to deliver your point at the Polls.

I think I know why and Down Deep you know it as well. Perhaps Ms Moore it's time to find a new cause one that will satisfy your Hunger for Change.

In your Posting you have written some very Mean Spirited Remarks after all you wrote that Senator King is a Parasite That is Shameful you should Apologize for Saying Such Things.

The Angus King that I know is a Stand up Guy who has the Best interests of the Maine Citizens at Heart.

Furthermore I can assure you that inspite of Groundless and Base less Accusations Prior to being Elected to the Senate in Washington D. C .

Angus King did not earn the Millions that Folks like you have suggested.That is an Outright Falsehood and you and your Ilk know it.

Angus King was Elected Because the Majority of Maine Voters Understood that he was the Most Viable and he Represented the Best for Maine and that is a Natural Fact

Richard begin

JOANNE MOORE's picture


What is shameful is being a lapdog to a politician. I stand by what I said and I don't need a bunch of capital letters to do it.

Richard Begin's picture

Senator King on Maine Television

I for One am Delighted that Both N.B.C. will be Featuring Maines Newest Senator.

I am espicially Thrilled as the Snowe Era begins to Fade Away,

Maine now will Truly enter a New World wher the Representation that we will have in Angus King will not be beholden to one Party.

I noticed to two Previous postings from Two who seem to think they know about the Man Angus King.

Please Don't be Fooled by the {Sullied Observations } by Amadeo and Joanne. Such Postings really say nothing and truly mislead the Average reader.
So for those with an Open Mind I advise you to tune into C-span Tomorrow or on Satellite Radio to Potus.

Witness the Senator take the Oath and Watch Maine usher into a New Era

JOANNE MOORE's picture


You want to see something really sullied? Try looking at the destruction of Maine's ridges and mountaintops after the blasting, clear cutting, herbicide spraying, destroying the eco systems for wildlife and causing silt runoff to pour into streams and ponds, killing aquatic life as well. And as if that weren't enough, King and those who profited from this attack on our wilderness with his wind business have their hands in our (taxpayers and electric ratepayers) pockets, not their own. That's not being independent. That's what I call a parasite. And, yes, I do know Angus King. I debated him, in a public setting, where the dirty secrets of the wind scam were revealed to many.

New era, my foot. Just another politician sucking off the government teat. And leaving a mess for the rest of us to clean up.

Amedeo Lauria's picture

The press finds him interesting because he...

presents himself as an Independent in a world of heavy partisanship.

However, if it walks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck...It's a duck (Democrat).

We in Maine know better.

JOANNE MOORE's picture

First time for everything......

I agree! And how can he call himself independent when he has depended on other people's money all his political career? Always with his hand out, even in his wind business. Always. Independent my foot.


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